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January Updates

It seems that every time I write an update here, I have to start with an apology for the time it’s been since the last one. I should really try to work on that as it’s getting to be all too easy to forget this blog even exists. So let’s get that out of the way first, sorry for the delay.

Anyway, on to the updates. My new family in SL – mentioned in passing a couple of posts ago – has worked for me. I still miss Freya, but I’m not dwelling daily on it any more. Miss Schlippsi looks after me well and the only thing I lack there is time with her – time zones and work patterns being what they are.

I’ve shortened my hair too, and I recently took a new profile picture for SL.  I like it, and so far I’ve had positive feedback on it…


Shadows in Metatheria

I know it’s not perfect, but there you go…

Recently, I was interviewed in world for Moonletters. It’s a two part interview and can be found directly here and here. It’s been a while since anyone took any real interest in me, so I was a bit surprised, and to be honest, I put Paypabak off for a while as I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to do it. In the end though, I’m glad I did. Tell me what you think.

Well, there’s some RL stuff too, but I’ll save that for another post later…

A while

It has been a while. August since my last Plurk, and things do happen. I’ve just not felt like writing, which probably says more about me than I’d like. Still, it is life, of a sort.

Freya came back. She came back days after I got the split. You  probably can’t imagine how I felt. Or maybe you can, I dunno. I’ve felt guilty as hell since. I wanted to go back, but it was too late, I think for both of us. We’re still friends, I hope, and in time, who knows.

Sometimes it’s too hard to bear, other times I rejoice in the freedom and new friends. Mostly, I am numb.

I stay home, I look to the past, and I am most certainly not the party girl I was once. But, the wheel turns, and what was dead lives, what was old is young again, and I remake myself.

Tonight I am heading to London, to friends who’ve always been there for me. Maybe even some new ones… and you never know, maybe Freya. I can hope.

But if not, I have a new family in SL. So I’ll be fine.

Tonight, I cry

Tonight is the night I give up about 5 years of my life. Tonight is the night my heart beats it’s last and becomes yet another piece of stone. Tonight is the night that my soul dies.

I’ve waited… I’ve wept… I’ve been a pain to some of my closest friends.

Last weekend was my 7th rezday. But last weekend was when I realised Freya was never coming back.

I’ve put our shared land (as much as I can) up for sale… If she ever comes back, I’ll split it with her.

Tonight is the night I asked Governor Linden for a divorce.

Tonight, I hate myself.

Tonight, the world changed… and not, whatever you say, for the better.

I got a linden home… where I am now, will be there…


Reorganising my blogroll

I realised this morning that my blogroll hasn’t been updated in a long time. So, while I was changing the blog’s appearance (again), I decided to go through it, recatagorise it and basically trim out the dead blogs, rename them so I know who they are, and so on.

If you’re not on it and would like to be, then contact me with a link, if you are in the wrong catagory(ies) and want them changed, then let me know, and finally if you want to be removed… you guessed it, let me know.

One last thing, if you are not on the list, it doesn’t mean I don’t read you, only that I have been negligent in adding you to this list.


p.s. If you know me and like what I write, please feel free to add this blog to your blogroll too.

First Post

First Post of 2009 and what a start we’ve had. Temperatures plumit, work is busier and more stressful than ever – more on that later – and I miss Freya. Sure, I’ve played on the grid, but what substitute is there for just being with the one you love most?

Freya was suffering with flu over the holiday, so that, added to her general burnout over SL, need to make a living in RL, and Eve-Online mean I’ve not seen much of her for a while. It doesn’t help my mood much, but I hope she gets well soon.

For me, Eve has just been bleh for a while. I’m at the stage of considering my subscription. It can be fun and I have a few friends there, but I’ve not got anything from it in nearly 6 months now. Maybe it’s time to hand in my ship-keys and move on.

The sales in SL have been fun. PixelDolls especially – with all dresses at L$50 or less! Analise have a few bargains too upstairs, so that’s cool. Club life is active too.

The last few days, the weather has been too bad to ride, so I am travelling by bus. It’s not wet as such, but what there is freezes, so instead of snow, we have sheets of ice on the road and freezing fog in the air.

Late last year I was being treated for depression. The consensus is that there are a few factors, all of which can be fixable. They recommend a few changes including that I spend less time chained to a phone in work. Work’s response; take other people off the phones and have me cover for them. Sheesh, I really hate this job.

In other news, I recently saw a shrink about my GID. I’m told I need to move to a safer area before I can progress my transition. Well duh! I didn’t need a doctor to tell me that. Sometimes, I really hate being me.

Party Time

Today, I sent out a batch of invitations to my birthday party on Saturday. It will be at Zazi, though the exact spot has yet to be decided. The thing is, I probably missed some people I should have sent to, but unless I had a calling card for someone, I couldn’t.

So, if you didn’t get an invite and think you should have, or if I missed out your partner, then remember, this is for you too. Bring a partner, there’s no need to come alone… and call me if for whatever reason, I left you out.

You are invited to attend a party!

On Saturday 16th August 2008
From 12:00 SL Time (8pm UK) in Zazi

Siobhan Taylor will be celebrating 5 years in Second Life.

There may possibly be cake.

IM for a teleport if you don’t already have a LM

See you there, I hope.

I need a new…

… life? job? other? all of the above?

I tried blogging this from work yesterday lunchtime, but my mobile connection was decidedly unstable and though it left my phone, it never hit the site. Still, a test this morning worked, so it is something I may start to do, assuming I have anything to say.

I hate my job. I sit on a telephone from the minute I start til the minute I get home, talking to morons who wouldn’t know a pc from a monitor … (they don’t, believe me), or a keyboard from a mouse. Remember those old stories about the fabled “any key“, or the “cup holder“, well they’re not fables where I work. We really do have people who are too stupid to use a computer.

Anyway, I digress, I’m looking for a new job. The stress involved in this one is too much. Daily I come home with a headache, excess stomach acid, and what might be worse considering I’m riding a motorcycle through rush hour, half falling asleep, and with zero concentration. I wonder some days how I even made it in one piece.

Still, I am looking.

In SL it is almost as bad. Nothing particularly wrong in SL, but a combination of stress, lack of sleep, and the fact that my working hours are more or less incompatible with Freya’s means that I’m not having a lot of fun at the moment. I suppose this might change. Work shifts too, and later shifts seem to work better.

The shop rebuild/refit is coming along nicely, though slowly, and is temporarily labelled as “Zazi Retail Park”. We’re late of course, as we were supposed to re-open last weekend. Still, it’s not that important as long as we get there soon.

I need to get ready for another day of hell, so I’ll close now.