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Party Time

Today, I sent out a batch of invitations to my birthday party on Saturday. It will be at Zazi, though the exact spot has yet to be decided. The thing is, I probably missed some people I should have sent to, but unless I had a calling card for someone, I couldn’t.

So, if you didn’t get an invite and think you should have, or if I missed out your partner, then remember, this is for you too. Bring a partner, there’s no need to come alone… and call me if for whatever reason, I left you out.

You are invited to attend a party!

On Saturday 16th August 2008
From 12:00 SL Time (8pm UK) in Zazi

Siobhan Taylor will be celebrating 5 years in Second Life.

There may possibly be cake.

IM for a teleport if you don’t already have a LM

See you there, I hope.