Siobhán’s Work

Siobhan Taylor is a long time builder and scripter, and has been teaching new citizens on and off since late 2003 when she joined SL Mentors and Instructors. She also occasionally puts together an animation or a texture.

Among Siobhan’s works to date are:

  • Club Vogue (version 2)
  • Mocha Villa
  • Mochastyle
  • Stonehenge
  • A few castles and houses
  • A range of furniture
  • Jewelry (including scripted wristwatches)
  • The “Precious Metals” range of BDSM furniture
  • Information kiosks
  • Zazi Primtionary Stage

She is always willing to consider a contract for building, teaching or (usually) scripting, and usually responds fairly quickly to offline IMs. Being UK based, she tends to be around during sane waking hours for Western Europe.

A sidhe in a virtual world

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