Siobhán’s History

In the early afternoon, on the 13th of August 2003, a lone figure materialised from the ether on an island called Prelude. She looked no different from any other who appeared at the time, rather plain and ordinary, and would have disappeared into the crowd, unrecognisable, were there a crowd to see. However, there was not. She was alone.

This confused looking avatar looked around, and seeing a path, followed it. As she progressed along the path, she changed, becoming taller and thinner, her hair taking on a reddish hue and her eyes taking on the lavender colour they would retain in the future. Her clothes changed too as she walked, so that as she stepped off the precipice and flew on to the temple, you would not have know it was the same person! A few minutes later, clad in purple and black, the figure appeared again, on a hill somewhere else.

She looked around. There were signposts to right and left, and a head, a gateway further down the path. She followed it slowly, looking around. It was quiet, deserted, and soon, passing more signs, she came to a circular arena and sat. She looked at some notecards that she’d collected along the way, and began to read.

Days passed, and days became weeks. The figure had changed more, was less new… and lived in an apartment in a region called Aqua. She’d started learning to create things using her mind, and the magic to give life to these creations. She smiled to herself, it was time for work.

About a week into her Second Life, Siobhan met Marilyn Murphy, and soon after, they together created Club Vogue in Da Boom. Later, they got land together in Rose, and Siobhan moved out of Aqua. Later, as money allowed, the pair moved to Federal where they became three, with Jellin Pico, was to become manageress of Club Vogue. A few rebuilds here, and land expansions and they had a comfortable home near friends. Siobhan was a Second Life Mentor now, and was spending time teaching newcomers.

All was not good though, there were fights in Federal, internal and external. The trio split up and moved away for good as the monstrosity that became Club Elite took hold. Siobhan was homeless, and Marilyn moved into the Da Boom land where the club was.

Shortly after, with Julia Curie, Siobhan got a small plot of land in Mocha, in the far North of the known world, for little was known of the oceans beyond. They built a house there, and above it, a shop, which opened with a flourish at the turn of the year featuring what was one of Second Life’s first catwalk shows. Mochastyle was born.

Over the following weeks and months, friends were invited to sell their wares at Mochastyle, and later others who requested space. At first it was free, but as people began competing for space, and the land and the store grew, a small charge was levied.

Several rebuilds followed, and the store, now a three storey mall spread. A market was added across the lake for new people who could not afford the rent, and a teaching stage which was later removed when Stonehenge was built in it’s place. Mochastyle, indeed Mocha, became the place to be seen, with contests, raffles, classes and more to be had, as well as the store and market.

At the end of 2004, amid much drama, Julia and Siobhan split up, with Julia disappearing. Freya Becquerel, who’d been a friend of Siobhan’s since the beginning of the year, became closer. In early 2005, the two made it official and were partnered.

As summer approached, money was running out in RL, and Siobhan could no longer afford the tier, and it had to go. Julia took over Mochastyle for the sum of L$1, offering to hold it til things improved. A few weeks later, she sold it for L$100,000 and disappeared again.

Siobhan moved in with Freya in Zazi, helping to run Primtionary and with new builds, but dropped off the radar for the most part. Not having land of her own, nor the finances to gain some, she wasn’t in a position to be famous, and faded into relative obscurity, still mentoring and working in Live Help.

Build and Rebuild followed, and Stonehenge, which had been in inventory since Mocha, came to Zazi. It felt like home. There were parties, there was fun.

In September 2006, Siobhan was removed from the Mentor program, and faded once more. She joined NCI as a helper to try to keep giving something back… and encouraged by Eloise Pasteur, was creating again. Sales were slow, but they were there.

Early 2007 saw re-listings on SL Exchange and SL Boutique and more activity in the profile. Items were put back in world for sale, and Siobhan started once more to actually go out and meet people. She was still in Zazi, and still with Freya as they launched into their third year together.

A sidhe in a virtual world

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