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Things to do in world

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve spent any real time in Second Life. I mean I’ve logged in from time to time and chatted with people, and occasionally if I see something on the feeds I’ll head in to buy it, but truth be told, I’ve just not really been there, not for a long time.

So my question here is, as someone who’s a newbie in all but name, what should I be doing in world if I were to go back in this week? Where to go and what to see? What to wear even, I mean I see the fashion blogs, but that doesn’t tell me what people are really wearing right now…

What new builds are there? What is the club scene like? Is there anything really new?

Anyone out there want to give me some advice?

January Updates

It seems that every time I write an update here, I have to start with an apology for the time it’s been since the last one. I should really try to work on that as it’s getting to be all too easy to forget this blog even exists. So let’s get that out of the way first, sorry for the delay.

Anyway, on to the updates. My new family in SL – mentioned in passing a couple of posts ago – has worked for me. I still miss Freya, but I’m not dwelling daily on it any more. Miss Schlippsi looks after me well and the only thing I lack there is time with her – time zones and work patterns being what they are.

I’ve shortened my hair too, and I recently took a new profile picture for SL.  I like it, and so far I’ve had positive feedback on it…


Shadows in Metatheria

I know it’s not perfect, but there you go…

Recently, I was interviewed in world for Moonletters. It’s a two part interview and can be found directly here and here. It’s been a while since anyone took any real interest in me, so I was a bit surprised, and to be honest, I put Paypabak off for a while as I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to do it. In the end though, I’m glad I did. Tell me what you think.

Well, there’s some RL stuff too, but I’ll save that for another post later…