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Things to do in world

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve spent any real time in Second Life. I mean I’ve logged in from time to time and chatted with people, and occasionally if I see something on the feeds I’ll head in to buy it, but truth be told, I’ve just not really been there, not for a long time.

So my question here is, as someone who’s a newbie in all but name, what should I be doing in world if I were to go back in this week? Where to go and what to see? What to wear even, I mean I see the fashion blogs, but that doesn’t tell me what people are really wearing right now…

What new builds are there? What is the club scene like? Is there anything really new?

Anyone out there want to give me some advice?

Free Clock from Freya & Sio

Come and get a free wall clock from Freya & Sio!

It displays SL time, and also has a day/night indicator which revolves once every 24 hours.

And it’s free (well, L$1. I’m sure you’ve got that much).

While you’re there, have a look at the usual range of clocks, which all include dual SL and local time, with a user-friendly script for setting your local time and daylight saving on/off.


Freya & Sio

Freya & Sio – Clock Shop

Today in North-East Zazi, Freya Becquerel and I are proud to announce the Clock Shop. A variety of designs of clock will grace the hallways of any home. Scripted to allow for ease of use, most models also display dual-time, with a secondary dial showing in-world time. A simple toggle deals with daylight saving.




Clock - White Face



Clock - Black Face

They look great at night too…

Prices start as low as L$500. All clocks are sold as Copy, Modify and No Transfer, for your resizing needs.

Freya & Sio – Clock Shop, Zazi (149,209,29)

Sio enters SLBoutique

Something I always managed to avoid in the past, for whatever reason… (I think when it was new, I didn’t like the signup, and never got round to it later).

In any case, I listed a few items today, including the Precious Metals range and some old stuff which may or may not be familiar. It used to be on sale when I was at Mocha, but rarely seen since. Hopefully more will join it soon.

You can view all the goodness here.

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