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Places to go and things to see.

Things to do in world

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve spent any real time in Second Life. I mean I’ve logged in from time to time and chatted with people, and occasionally if I see something on the feeds I’ll head in to buy it, but truth be told, I’ve just not really been there, not for a long time.

So my question here is, as someone who’s a newbie in all but name, what should I be doing in world if I were to go back in this week? Where to go and what to see? What to wear even, I mean I see the fashion blogs, but that doesn’t tell me what people are really wearing right now…

What new builds are there? What is the club scene like? Is there anything really new?

Anyone out there want to give me some advice?

Another ONE bites the dust

Well, perhaps not literally, but if you haven’t ever heard of ONE, then you’ve not been in Second Life. Anyway, for reasons she’ll no doubt explain, Eloise Pasteur chose to close her mall, and indeed, last weekend, ONE closed its doors for the last time. Several stallholders, myself included, opted to move to her minimall in Dimidiata.

I’d like to wish Eloise the best of luck with the mall, and hope her traffic and custom (and mine too of course) increase.

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Sio’s roundup

Everything that really matters…

It’s been a little while since I posted a roundup of what was going on in the Sioverse, so I thought to myself this morning, while chatting with the lovely (and delightfully mean) Peasan Kuu, that I should – if only to remind myself what I’ve been doing, and more to the point, what I have not been doing and should have been.

I’ve not played Eve Online a lot lately. It seems to come and go in cycles for me, especially now. Freya mentioned something a month or so back, which I didn’t really pick up on, but is true. We fly the biggest, most powerful ships available in Empire Space. Apart from adding even more weapons and add ons, there’s no way to progress without going into full time PvP, which I dislike intensely. So, I log in to train skills. I’m sure interest will return soon, and I’ll play more. It’s just … well, you know what I mean anyway. A game should be fun, not a chore, and flying in low-security space means watching over my shoulder every moment for people who think it’s fun to start a sneak attack on an unsuspecting ship… that’s not fun… that’s harassment, and I don’t need it. Still, I’ll need to log in tonight, as I have a skill training that’s near completion, so at least my drones will fly faster ;-).

I don’t play Sociolotron either anymore, but I do still talk to people from there, especially Sha Parker and Tuesday Next. They, especially Sha, keep me informed somewhat of what goes on there from day to day. Maybe some time I’ll look back in again, but I don’t think it will be soon if I do. Much the same goes for World of Warcraft, Horizons or Lineage II and it’s clones. They’re nice enough games for the most part, but I don’t like the grind. Maybe I’m just lazy.

In Second Life, I’ve been somewhat more active. I’ve been nagging Freya for a while about bringing back Primtionary in Zazi. I’m not really sure how it differed from the other Primtionary games really, except perhaps in the people who came, and the general quirkiness. Whatever it was, it was popular, and often, we’ve been asked about it. Well, the truth is, it’s not easy to run all the time. You need a word-list that’s being constantly modified and added to. It needs to be run properly and can be stressful – ask any of the few remaining Primtionary hosts out there… it’s not a fully automatic thing like the *ingo games out there. It’s been tried. You can use a script to identify who guesses first, and while where there’s lag, it’s fairer (ok, someone lagged can be unlucky – but it’s the machine that picks, so there’s no accusation of favouritism), but it can’t account for typos.

In any case. While Freya’s not yet ready to go back to running the game, she’s offered me space to run it myself, and maybe she’ll co-host or guest host from time to time. I’ve built the stage, and more or less completed the scripting. All I need is a word-list, some sponsors (I need prize money), and an audience. I’m sure we’ll be available to start next week if not sooner. Maybe even on Sunday!

I took some building contracts recently, which while they haven’t made me rich in any sense of the word, at least mean I’m not scraping for cash every time I see a new pair of shoes. It’s renewed my interest in building things too, so hopefully, if it keeps up, I’ll spend more time doing it, get more contracts, and eventually buy some land again. Who knows, miracles could happen!

And finally RealLife™. I’m sorry I don’t have a URL, but it seems very obscure these days. Not many people play and the website seems to have reverted to some foreign porn site, to which I won’t link – at least, not today. So, I’m still out of work and looking, but it’s hard, it’s soul-crushing. For sure, I have a couple of issues that make it a little harder to find work than it might be otherwise, but sheesh. I don’t even get interviews these days. The only positive thing is that at least I own my home now, so at least the bank can’t foreclose and throw me out on the street.

I’ve been on my diet and off alcohol now for three and a half weeks. I’ve not weighed yet, but clothes are starting to feel a little looser on me. I take this as a good sign. Of course, with St Patrick’s day coming up on Saturday, I get the feeling that all my hard work will be undone. At least, I can tell myself, it’d be worse if I hadn’t dieted in advance! We’ll see.

That reminds me. It’s Mothers’ Day here in the UK on Sunday. I’ll have to do something about that. Second Life’s down for maintenance this afternoon and I’m off shopping, so I can deal with that, at least.

Well, that’s it for now. I have job applications to fill in – no doubt another waste of time but I have to try – and I should get ready to go out. It’s a nice day in the big blue room, and I don’t want to waste all of it.

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