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Things to wear

Things to do in world

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve spent any real time in Second Life. I mean I’ve logged in from time to time and chatted with people, and occasionally if I see something on the feeds I’ll head in to buy it, but truth be told, I’ve just not really been there, not for a long time.

So my question here is, as someone who’s a newbie in all but name, what should I be doing in world if I were to go back in this week? Where to go and what to see? What to wear even, I mean I see the fashion blogs, but that doesn’t tell me what people are really wearing right now…

What new builds are there? What is the club scene like? Is there anything really new?

Anyone out there want to give me some advice?

Eloise’s ONE

So yeah, in a way, it’s an advertisment. One I have a stake in though, so not entirely random. Eloise’s ONE is a department store in Second Life, and if you’re interested, can be found here. First, my own stake. Eloise is my submissive, or one of them at least, and therefore, family. Best to get that sorted up front in case anyone claims I’m promoting her mall through favouritism. Well I am, get over it!

Anyway, I dunno… I’d heard of it before, but I’d never been there, and had no clue about what was sold there until I got a tour. There are a goodly number of names selling there though. Not always the most famous, as they, like I once did, generally have their own outlets and don’t use malls. However, at the risk of missing some, I’ll name a few here to give an idea of who sells their goods in ONE.

I dunno… I just thought I’d give her a bump. I’m trying to persuade her to remodel. Vut does she need it? You decide.

More clothes

It’s not often that I blog about fashion in SL. It’s not because I know nothing, though I admit to being somewhat out of the loop, but mostly because others do it so much better than me. Still, occasionally, I come across something that stands out and makes me sit up and say “I need this”. And, though it’s inexpensive, the “Black Jump” by June of BareRose falls into this category.

It’s a simple 3 piece outfit (shirt, pants and gloves), and comes in 5 colours, so 15 pieces in all. All for under L$150 and a bargain.

If you like it… they also have a white version too.

Slow days

Well, it’s coming up to SLCC and so it’s slow in Second Life. And slow means there’s not a lot to write about.

Still, I’ve updated my “me” pages, so please, have a look at them if you’re interested in learning more about me and what I get up to in Second Life.

Work continues too on our rebuild, though slower now the original burst of creativity has passed… and because Freya’s working long hours this week. I’m sure that we’ll get more done over the weekend though.

A worrying thing though, for the world is that the self replicating fish has showed up again in the wild. Tateru asked what it was in Live Help not 10 minutes ago. Generation 36. I do hope we’re not in for a spate of these again.

And that’s it I guess. I bought some new hair, Morveren by Sachi Vixen. It’s a gorgeous look too. One small problem with it’s scripts to start, but Sachi came through with customer support as good as one can hope for in Second Life, so all is happy… at least for now. Thanks Sachi, lovely hair (and a beautiful story too).