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A range of BDSM toys and furniture for Second Life

Sio enters SLBoutique

Something I always managed to avoid in the past, for whatever reason… (I think when it was new, I didn’t like the signup, and never got round to it later).

In any case, I listed a few items today, including the Precious Metals range and some old stuff which may or may not be familiar. It used to be on sale when I was at Mocha, but rarely seen since. Hopefully more will join it soon.

You can view all the goodness here.

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“Precious Metals” Human Throne by Sio

New from Precious Metals, a Lockmeister compatible Throne to beat all the others.

A (moderately) comfortable pose for a sub, in a variation on a yoga posture, with added chains and a vibrator to keep them still, or agitated as desired.

You then sit on their face and rest back against them, in blissful comfort.

The sub’s pose is fixed, the Dom(me)’s pose can be changed to suit your needs. The vibrator is controllable by the seated person and will buzz and drive the poor sub to distraction. You can change the text of the messages from the vibrator as well. Although it will show as no mod in your inventory, the throne can be modified to fit you sub. It will adapt to subs of all sizes. Continue reading “Precious Metals” Human Throne by Sio

“Precious Metals” Pet Display goes on sale

Precious Metals is a new range of items to display those most precious of possessions your pets, chained in place, on the attractive metal frame.

This Pet Display is lockmeister compatible and comes with basic collar and cuffs. It adds beauty to any setting, displaying your pets at their most vulnerable. Mmmm 🙂

Pet Display Pic

Now only an amazing L$150 from Eloise’s ONE at Honawan and the Adult Toy Shop in Utopia