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January Updates – Part 2

Well, true to form, I did what I said I would.

Last November, I handed in my notice at work. I ignored the fixed notice period and said I’d work til the end of the year, which was a bit more than required. Due to acquired leave, my last working day was Christmas Eve.

So I spent Christmas with my parents, and went up to London for the New Year… travelled on the 30th as usual, so I’d have plenty of time to get ready to go out. The difference this time is… I didn’t go back. Nope, I am now living at Mornington Crescent near Camden Town, and I am now Siobhán full time. This is not to say I’ve not been back at all since… I still own the old house and all that’s in it… I want to move at least the expensive stuff (TV, PC, lounge suite etc) up here, and get rid of what I don’t want…

So I went down for a few days to collect some, and visit the parents. They know, and they support me, but… they do not approve even slightly.

Anyway, this week… I got my ears pierced for the first time, I got my name changed legally, so now I am Siobhán (though not Taylor in rl), and I’ve made a start getting my bank and medical records moved. Tax records will follow but since I am unemployed, I guess that’s a minor thing.

I saw my new GP today; a lovely woman called Emma. She admitted up front she knows very little bout transgender issues (except the obvious), but she seems very eager to learn and be supportive. I say “Yay!”

Anyways, most of my friends are staying in tonight as there is a game tomorrow.  I used to be into RPGs, so my friends are those folks… Now I’m not, it’s awkward when they have something on and I do not. So… I am finding my own fun tonight. God help me!

Someone entertain me… fast…



You can be anything you like – except transgendered …

… or so we would be lead to believe.

I am not quite blessed with the right words to do this topic as it deserves, so I’m going to link to the blog of someone who can. Please read Peter Stindberg’s words carefully and take them to heart, and vote on the jira.

Next time, it could be your group.

** Linden Lab have seen and acted upon the offending article and have corrected it.

A mad week

We’ve all had insane weeks, I know. This week for me has passed so quickly and in such a rush that I think I missed most of it. I guess having All Fools Day in the middle of it didn’t help much in that respect, just increasing the general asshattedness of the time and screwing up what sense there was of it… Anyway, let’s recap.

[Runs to bathroom, cleanser. Grab laundry from bedroom, put in machine]

Sunday was RL craziness. I was up uearly and out of the house to update my motorcycle cert. An easy task since I’ve done it before, and really should be doing a full test by now, except that just after last time, I broke a leg and it put the brakes on that for a while. Maybe this year… Anyway, due to road closures, getting there took longer than expected (diversions), the other trainee was a green newbie and couldn’t get over 20mph for most of it, and I was almost out of fuel getting home. Still, SL was fun, it usually is on Sunday night…

[Back to bathroom, toner. Get dressed. Coffee]

Monday and Tuesday are insane in work (RL) and this week was no exception what with month end panic to cope with too. I also went to see my GP about hormones on Tuesday morning, to review information I gave him over a week ago. Typically NHS, he’d not got round to doing anything about it, so I am still sitting here waiting. [Grrr] We were still busy at work Wednesday and Thursday too, but my evenings were fun. Had wine and play in SL.

I can’t remember which evening it was, probably Tuesday. I was in a club dancing as I do, when an avatar with a dubious grasp of english asked me if I liked dancing… What she meant I later discovered was “would I like to dance with her”. Well, I said yes and we started, but within a minute she was asking me about Xcites and asking whether I liked using them. It didn’t last long. I left her for someone less sexually aggressive.

Yesterday, I heard that a close trans friend of mine was offered SRS finally by her GP (as one of a number of options). I am so jealous, but she’s had a long journey to come this far and I am happy for her. [Now to annoy my own GP.] We chatted a while in SL, but I was too sleepy for more, which is a shame as I would have loved to take her shopping or dancing to celebrate. Maybe tonight!

[Moisturiser, brush hair]

Well, Friday’s going to be much the same. Where I work, they don’t count Poetsday and I am working til late anyway. Probably not home til about 8pm, but with luck it won’t be busy. I’ll have my Smartphone/PDA for IMs, Plurks and even Blog updates, and I have my books to read.

I’ll update this as and when, either through the day, when I get home, or during hawt pixel sex in SL. Unless I decide to kill stuff in Eve that is, reading Culture books makes me want to do that.



And so the extended trip is done and I am home. My parents still don’t understand, and voices were raised on Tuesday night. They can’t get their minds round the fact that it’s something I need to do. They still insist it’s a choice and just something I want. I just hope that will change soon.

London was great, my friends, old and new were equally so. I can’t thank them enough for being so good to me.


So I’m up early-ish. I called my doctor to discuss my meds and am expecting a call back later. Hopefully sooner if you know what I mean. Being back home has been somewhat of a crash so far, but at least I’m not in work til Monday. It gives me a few days to ease myself back into this … well I’ll call it a life for lack of a better word… existence maybe.

I have some scratches on my left shin, not deep but painful. Meh, I’m such a wuss sometimes. So anyway, plans for today include shopping and speaking to my doctor this afternoon. Then, if time allows, maybe I’ll go see Watchmen this evening. I dunno yet, the road from here to where the cinema is, is not fun at night.

Parents then tomorrow, back sometime Sunday afternoon. It’ll be Mothers’ Day here in the UK, so I got to go play nice with them, which of course means betraying my own self. It’s only one day though I guess, and maybe this time next year I’ll be so far along it’ll be impossible for them to deny. We’ll see.

London trip – Day 7

Day 7, my last full day in London. I was supposed to be staying in to wait for some administrators to look at work being done in and around the flat, but it was cancelled. I stayed in touch with Emma and Michelle though, and after class, Michelle came over for company. I was half way through Batman Begins, so we watched the end together with coffee, while chatting to Emma over skype.

Once this was done, we headed up to Camden for shopping and browsing and really to enjoy the weather. We ended up in the garden at Quinns, the pub I was in on Saturday, with a bottle of merlot.

Later, we called in the supermarket for foodstuffs, and back at the flat, set to cooking a meal. Chicken stirfry with onions, peppers and mixed chinese leaves, and of course rice. My flatmate arrived in time to help us eat it with some wine and Memoirs of a Geisha, which neither of my companions had seen, on the tv.

Michelle left about 11, which was when the depression started to come back. Knowing that I have to go back to my old life, at least for a while. I’m leaving a few things here though – a token that I know I am coming back soon, but in all honesty, I don’t know how long it will be.

It’s now 10am on Tuesday 17th, St. Patrick’s Day and I will be leaving soon for the station where I’ll spend a couple of hours. My case is packed and all but the last minute bits are in my backpack for the journey. My train leaves Paddington at 12:45. I am struggling to hold back tears. This week has been one of freedom for me, like being released from prison after a long sentence. Today feels like going back. I hope and I pray that it will not be for long.

London trip – Days 5 & 6

Firstly an apology for not keeping up over the weekend, and for still not posting the pics from Friday night.

Anyways, Saturday morning was slow. I sat on the web and wrote up Friday night, relaxing and taking it easy, heading into town about midday. Met up with flatmate who was returning from an overnight stay at his girlfriends house, we had coffee and I dragged him round town shopping for a few hours. We caught some of the rugby of the television and got ready to go out for the evening.

This was interesting! We went to a pub in Camden called Quinns, where we settled down with a glass of Belgian beer while waiting for some other friends to show up, which about 20 minutes later, they did. Now, I had assumed that everyone was aware by now of what was going on, but I was wrong. One friend leaned over the partition to say hi, and his jaw hit the floor when he saw how I was dressed… (all in black, skinny tee shirt, a tight skirt to mid thigh, patterned tights and my tall boots, with a silver belt and accents). Still, he was good, it took just a few seconds for him to recover and all went great the rest of the night… He even hugged me when it was time to go. All in all another night made of pure WIN!

Sunday morning we went off to see another couple of old friends. My flatmate was picking up a new tv he’d bought, and I went along for the ride and to help where I could. Getting home it was sit around for the afternoon – letting my face relax from wearing makeup all week, and watched videos with pizza and wine til after midnight.

So now, Monday… my last full day here. Hoping to meet up with Michelle this afternoon in town to shop and have some fun. Flatmate may meet us after work, depending. If any SLers are in town, available this afternoon and are interested, then drop me an email (or a text if you have my number) and we’ll arrange a meetup. Be prepared to sit around drinking wine and coffee and putting up with me at my giggliest.

London trip – Day 4

Friday 13th March, perhaps unlucky for some, but not for me it seems. After a lazy morning, I headed up to Camden to meet Michelle. We had coffee, and then took a wander round Camden market. In the end, we didn’t get what we wanted, but who cares, we had fun looking, and trying things on. So much to see, and it was a good time to go as there was lots around.

We finished with some baked potatoes in some eco-café and headed back to the flat for me to get ready for the evening.

So, with Michelle heading home (I told her she should have come with me) I headed off to Vint‘s do in the West End. Vint arrived just after me, which saved me some fuss at reception since we recognised each other straight away (having never met before) and headed in. It was mostly the Rezzable team, and I must offer them the biggest of thanks for showing me a great time last night.

It was rather dark inside, and my camera-phone, lacking a flash, couldn’t get any photos. However, a few people had some, and the results are expected to be passed out later today. Expect an update here or an additional post when they arrive.

London trip – Day 3

Thursday was a pretty amazing day!  I spent most of the time in the early part browsing the web for jobs, commenting on plurks and the like, but the evening was where it took off.

I wandered down to Euston station, where I was meeting friends in the pub upstairs. So anyway, shile some of them had been advised what to expect, not all had, so there were a couple of shocked faces. It was all good though, and later we went to the Great Nepalese restaurant for a meal, where we stayed until about 11:30. The only slip up was that one of the waiters called me ‘Sir’ once, but nobody seemed to notice and he didn’t repeat the error. I’ll but it down to an honest slip on his part. To be honest, my voice gives me away anyway, so I have to expect this sort of thing.

Still, I had fun, enjoyed my time and had a good meal and wine. What more can a girl ask for?

London trip – Day 2

Not much more to report really than was in the update. Spent a lazy afternoon and evening in, struggling with the new Eve client – it’s still not working and looks like a minimum of another 24 hours til it’s installed… and I have another machine to do when I get home.

Anyway, here’s a photo I took yesterday before going out shopping. Those who follow my plurks will already have seen it, but here goes for completeness sake. I hope you enjoy 🙂

Today’s plans are not much. Morning in, unless someone calls or I get bored. Job applications and the like to sort out. Got some laundry in too right now.

There’s the possibility of another friend visiting late afternoon, and then tonight, well that’s the fun part. Meeting some friends for drinks, and then, depending on time, either going to see a band or going out for a meal as a group. I’m kind of looking forward to that, a change of pace, and gives me something to do in terms of sorting out what to wear.

So anyways, I suppose my first task is to shower and wash my hair, then relax with a book, dvd or music for a while. And I suppose I should clean up breakfast dishes. I hate housework, but it doesn’t do itself.

Laters everyone.