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A MMORPG with amazing graphics, but only mediocre gameplay

Sounds like fun…

Got up this morning, made coffee, and hit Bloglines for the latest jobs. Yeah, I’m that sad, I use Bloglines to aggregate all the job sites for me. Well, I saw a few I liked and sent off my resume. I got two responses, one saying I could expect someone to be in touch within 48 hours, and one phone call offering an entry level temporary 1st line support role near me. I wouldn’t usually touch something like that, but the rate is more than I usually get for 2nd/3rd line roles and since I’m moving soon, a 3 month contract is pretty ideal really.

And I’ve not showered or dressed yet! This might turn out to be a good day after all.


Well, September’s here at last, and with it, the end of the summer. As I sit here at 10am, it’s dark outside. It’s not exactly raining, but it has been, and it could be. It’s also pretty cold, and I’ve turned the heating on for the first time in months. How typically autumnal. And I have to go out shopping later for essentials. I don’t particularly want to go out either.

More positively, Firefox 2.0beta 2 is out, and I’m having a play. For sure, most of my extensions don’t work, but I’m sure they too will be updated over the next few days, and it does have a few cool new features. I can look forward to that at least.

More later maybe, once I have something more interesting to write about.

You know you’ve been playing Second Life too much when…

… your kitchen starts to look like a sandbox.

Every so often, someone posts a thread to the forums about “You know you’ve been playing Second Life so much when…” and it invariably lapses into the same old tales, and a few jaded cynics posting how this it the third time this week this thread has been started, and so on…

Well, I finally realised how neglected my kitchen is. I started with washing up, and I think I washed enough glasses of various sizes to run a small pub. Shameful! I’m not finished yet, I think this will take a few days *sigh*, or at least mornings.

Wish me luck!


Well, it wasn’t quite what I thought. There wasn’t a job waiting for me, but it’s ok… I am more up to date with that agent, and I know she’s looking now.

Called in the bike shop on the way home for some new gloves. The ones I had before were starting to look a real state, and while I was there, I got a call from another agent, who also thinks he may have work for me, and I should hear something Monday. Well, that’s two, and one I’m waiting to hear back from. It could be good.

Wish me luck folks 🙂