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A MMORPG with amazing graphics, but only mediocre gameplay

New work, new social network

Well it’s been a busy week! I started a new part-time voluntary job yesterday, helping teach IT skills to the less well off. One thing I can tell straight away is that the people there are a lot more appreciative of help than I’m used to getting from doing tech support. There’s no money, but it is CV fodder and a reference, so future job hunting will be a bit easier.

Also, and being on Plurk, most of you already know… Google+ is here.  Just in beta right now, and invite only, but it has a lot of promise. I hope it takes off. Still, I’ll leave the descriptions to those who do it better, but if you can try it, please do so.


News Roundup

Well, I have some news.

In RL™ I’m still looking for work. The last interview came to nothing when they just told me they’d filled the place internally. They still wanted to keep hold of my details though as I was one of the last couple and they’ll probably be needing someone soon to fill the vacated post. To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about that though. If they filled internally, budget is probably tight and any salary offer will be low. Not really something to look forward to in a new job, especially when it’s an entry-level position to start with.

On a brighter note, there’s a very good chance that my house sale will complete next week, which will leave me with some money. It’s nowhere near what I was hoping to get, but house prices in the area have fallen massively and it’s about as much as I could expect to get. My fingers are crossed for this.

And finally, today’s post brought my first appointment at Charing Cross Gender Clinic. It’s not until October, but there is always the possibility that it’ll be brought forward. For those of you who’ve been following, I have waited for this for about two and a half years, so it’s big progress for me. There’s still a long way to go, but it’s a start. At least I am on the road now.

So what about Second Life™? Well, I don’t think there’s a lot to tell. Not much changes, ever. I do think I need a bigger place to live. My little place just doesn’t have the prims I need to build. It’s barely enough, if I am honest, to rez the sales boxes and bags that many stores pack their wares in these days. I have to go elsewhere to unpack them. Still, life could be a lot worse. I have my friends and they are a lot more important to me than things will ever be.

Bye for now,


January Updates – Part 2

Well, true to form, I did what I said I would.

Last November, I handed in my notice at work. I ignored the fixed notice period and said I’d work til the end of the year, which was a bit more than required. Due to acquired leave, my last working day was Christmas Eve.

So I spent Christmas with my parents, and went up to London for the New Year… travelled on the 30th as usual, so I’d have plenty of time to get ready to go out. The difference this time is… I didn’t go back. Nope, I am now living at Mornington Crescent near Camden Town, and I am now Siobhán full time. This is not to say I’ve not been back at all since… I still own the old house and all that’s in it… I want to move at least the expensive stuff (TV, PC, lounge suite etc) up here, and get rid of what I don’t want…

So I went down for a few days to collect some, and visit the parents. They know, and they support me, but… they do not approve even slightly.

Anyway, this week… I got my ears pierced for the first time, I got my name changed legally, so now I am Siobhán (though not Taylor in rl), and I’ve made a start getting my bank and medical records moved. Tax records will follow but since I am unemployed, I guess that’s a minor thing.

I saw my new GP today; a lovely woman called Emma. She admitted up front she knows very little bout transgender issues (except the obvious), but she seems very eager to learn and be supportive. I say “Yay!”

Anyways, most of my friends are staying in tonight as there is a game tomorrow.  I used to be into RPGs, so my friends are those folks… Now I’m not, it’s awkward when they have something on and I do not. So… I am finding my own fun tonight. God help me!

Someone entertain me… fast…




It would seem that the only time I blog these days is when I’m miserable. Don’t ask my why though, I just never get round to it other times.
Anyway, as those of you who know me on Plurk will recall, I’ve been having more trouble this autumn with local youths. It’s got me to the stage that I really can’t take living here any more. I can never relax in the evenings, I don’t sleep properly. Added to a job I can’t stand in a call centre, and it all makes for me being one stressed out girl.
So, I have all but decided to change, and go to London at the new year, and stay there. Money will be an issue, as will finding a new job, but it can’t be worse than this.
So, decisions need to be made soon. My job needs 4 weeks notice, so time is running out on me. I feel sick.

A while

It has been a while. August since my last Plurk, and things do happen. I’ve just not felt like writing, which probably says more about me than I’d like. Still, it is life, of a sort.

Freya came back. She came back days after I got the split. You  probably can’t imagine how I felt. Or maybe you can, I dunno. I’ve felt guilty as hell since. I wanted to go back, but it was too late, I think for both of us. We’re still friends, I hope, and in time, who knows.

Sometimes it’s too hard to bear, other times I rejoice in the freedom and new friends. Mostly, I am numb.

I stay home, I look to the past, and I am most certainly not the party girl I was once. But, the wheel turns, and what was dead lives, what was old is young again, and I remake myself.

Tonight I am heading to London, to friends who’ve always been there for me. Maybe even some new ones… and you never know, maybe Freya. I can hope.

But if not, I have a new family in SL. So I’ll be fine.

Tonight, I cry

Tonight is the night I give up about 5 years of my life. Tonight is the night my heart beats it’s last and becomes yet another piece of stone. Tonight is the night that my soul dies.

I’ve waited… I’ve wept… I’ve been a pain to some of my closest friends.

Last weekend was my 7th rezday. But last weekend was when I realised Freya was never coming back.

I’ve put our shared land (as much as I can) up for sale… If she ever comes back, I’ll split it with her.

Tonight is the night I asked Governor Linden for a divorce.

Tonight, I hate myself.

Tonight, the world changed… and not, whatever you say, for the better.

I got a linden home… where I am now, will be there…


Spring update

It seems ages since I blogged anything here, so I think it’s time for an update, on a few things at least. I am kind of assuming that someone still reads this after a 2 or 3 month gap.

Anyway, it’s March 2nd. Last month was Freya’s 6th rezday – and she missed it. In fact, I’ve not seen her online anywhere since then either. I miss her loads and I hope she comes back soon. It’s not the same in SL without her (even if she thinks she’s boring). More, I hope she’s alright. Maybe just busy in RL.

On a personal and RL front, I’ve now been on my pills for 3 weeks. There’s no obvious effect yet but it’s early days and I’m watching closely. Work continues to be a pain in the arse. I seriously need a new one, and soon before I crack. If anyone knows of something, let me know – I’m almost desperate enough to consider LL!

I’ll be in London again soon, for 10 days over the May bank holiday. It would be nice to meet any fellow SLers who are in town then, so get in contact (here, SL or plurk) and we can sort something out. There’s lots of time. This means you, Locum and Vint!

So anyway, here I am on another frozen day in Cardiff, depressed and lonely again. Even SL doesn’t help. I log in and stay at home chatting in IMs. Last night, even someone tp’ing in was enough to drop my frame rate to 1 or lower and send sim-ping up to 5000 or so. Certainly enough to make me freeze and get unresponsive.

Someone come and take me away from all this, please.

Winter Solstice

Today, around these parts at least, is the shortest day of the year. Last night, the longest night. It is also our first day of snow this winter, and a fairly heavy fall of snow we had too. Certainly enough to keep me home from work.  I wouldn’t have dared to risk it on my bike, and the buses were cancelled. Who knows what the afternoon will bring.

Though, as always… it does look nice.