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Fog, meh!

I assume some people like fog. For everything, there is someone who likes it. I don’t! You see, when I’m riding a motorbike at a mean speed of 60mph, on roads with bends of regularly 80 or 90 degrees, and often 130 or more, then having a visibility of 10-20 metres is not the most fun… though it could be argued that it’s thrilling, or at least exciting. I’ll state that it’s certainly interesting, but I’m not sure that that’s entirely a good thing. Now some of you speed freaks will wonder at the 60mph, but, I ride a 125cc Honda… it’s not exactly a powerful machine. Still, it gets me to work and back, or at least has done so far.

So, gaming wise…  Well, the weekend, I did some missions. Saturday night, I did Angel Extraveganza with Freya. Surprisingly, the first time ever for me. Anyway, we took in some tough ships and well… it was a killing field. Some spawns never even got within weapons range before we’d turned them into loot. We did a 6h30 mission in probably less than an hour.

Sunday morning, I did the Serpentis version solo, in the same ship, and, though it took slightly longer, was no harder. I suppose it’s missions like this that tell you that you have a way overpowered ship.

I did the next in a blasterax. A level 2… And sheesh was it harder… I had to warp out… well… maybe not needed, but it was a very close thing. The ship just wasn’t fast enough, and the weapons didn’t have the reach. It reminded me just how weak a rax can be when you’ve not really thought out the opposition.

And SL… Oh SL… what will I do…

You took my metaverse, and you gave it to the griefers! How will it live? Well, for me, I’ll pretend you didn’t. I’ll see what I can do, work how I can… and make MY metaverse what I can for me and for mine.

In the end, what more can I do?

Life, The Universe and Everything

Before I start today, if any of my recent entries don’t allow pings, trackbacks or comments, it’s because I’m writing from my phone, and I don’t get the options. Just let me know, and I can correct it later.

Anyway, following on from yesterday’s entry… the day did improve and even the ride home wasn’t too bad. Perhaps it’s the “home” part that’s important there… and I’ll gladly suffer more if comfort (and a gin & tonic) is waiting for me.

Today’s trip was surprisingly ok! I was expecting another bad one after seeing the weather forcast. I’m not complaining though.

So, last night… I got distracted by the PC and forgot to eat, among other things. It was crashy to start but got better.

I spent some time in Second Life with Eloise, but was chatting in ICQ and YIM with Freya, Nenya and others, so didn’t really give her the attention she deserved. I really owe her an appology for that! The time we did have was fun though.

I finally completed “Motion Prediction V” in Eve. It should make me better against smaller ships. Finishing off “Eidetic Memory IV” now. Freya told me she succesfully managed the lvl 3 version of “Massive Attack” in her Dominix. I am so proud of her!

And now, Nenya’s found us a new game called “Rappelz”. I made a character this morning, and will have a look over the weekend, I suspect.

Weekend away and some pictures

Since I’m going to be away for a few days, I thought I’d end the week with a few pictures from Eve. All screenshots, some cropped to save on space. I hope you like them.

Firstly, a couple of pics of my Ishkur. For those who don’t know, it’s an assault ship. Small, well armed, pretty fast, and with a good compliment of fighters.

Next is my astarte, my main fighting ship. It’s a command cruiser, which is Eve’s way of saying it’s an extremely upgraded battlecruiser. And yes, it is pretty tough, and with enough module slots to customise it for almost any job.

And lastly, two of my pets. Combat drones (fighters if you will). Both of these are from the astarte, but the Ishkur carries similar types. They’re Hammerheads, first a mark 1, and then a mark 2.

I hope you like them!

Naming a new ship

Well, this morning, I bought a new ship. An Iteron mk V in fact, which is a Gallente Hauler. I’d show some pictures, but I can’t fly it until about 3pm today.

Anyway, this is a call out to my readers for naming suggestions. It’s a transport ship basically, unarmed (or minimally so) and used for carrying other ships/cargo etc. The reason for it is that my last hauler, an Iteron mk IV was destroyed in a pirate attack about a month ago. So, new ship, new name…

Suggestions please?

The Big Bang!

As I mentioned here on Monday, I flew an assist role in helping Freya with a mission in Eve, in which the final target was a Stargate. Well, she sent me the picture last night and it came out well, although our drones weren’t there, being perhaps too small to show up. Anyway, the ship in the middle of the photo is Freya’s, and the explosion behind her shows up quite nicely indeed.

Freya vs the Stargate

It’s a shame we didn’t have a before picture too, but you can’t have everything I guess. I’ve done this mission before, and I have photos somewhere (I think), so I’ll see if I can fish one out and pin it here… but it won’t be the same really. All credit for this goes to Freya Becquerel.

Of stargates and staves

Today was fairly diverse in terms of games. True, I spend a good few hours of it in Second Life, either working on furniture or tormenting Eloise and Nenya, but I did get some time in the others too.

Mistress Freya was still having issues with a mission in Eve (Portal to War, level 3) for the curious. It’s a five part mission involving combat and couriering. Well, I was there to be a tank really and absorb as much damage from the baddies as I could while Freya completed her mission in relative safety. That worked, and though I haven’t seen it yet, she tells me she got a good picture of the Portal (a stargate) as it exploded under our bombardment at the end. I was probably too far away to appear in shot, but Freya’s Brutix and our combat drones probably do.

After that, I tried out some World of Warcraft with Nenya. She likes it, seemingly a lot, but to be honest, I found the UI rather counter intuitive, combining the worst aspects of most of the other games I’ve played. Of course, I’ll be the first to admit that there are probably a lot of shortcuts I need to know about, but don’t. Maybe once I know them, I’ll like it more… We’ll see. It looks pretty though, almost as pretty as Lineage II… We’ll see. I made a Night-Elf Druid, which seems a fun class to play at least.

And finally back to Second Life to relax before bed. The shame is Freya’s out very early tomorrow, so she’s already turned in. Still, I have my pets, and that’s always a good thing.

Adventures in outer space (continued…)

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything Eve related, and it’s mostly because every time I make a little progress, there’s some massive setback. Speaking to friends there, I think I must be the unluckiest player in the game too.

But only a few minutes ago, Freya kind of reminded me of some of the fun. A new skill she had never had before, yet, a simple one, and only a half hour or so to train… unlike the piloting skill I’m currently working on (Gallente Industrial Ships – Level V) which will take about 3 weeks. Still, it’s a useful skill to have and will let me fly a Mk V Iteron (a very nice cargo hauler), and opens the door to freighters. Kind of makes a change from gunnery skills for my warships.

Things to do in Second Life when the grid is down

Well, not much really.

Most of the people I talk to end up in #secondlife, the IRC channel, but of course, it gets crowded when there’s no grid. Others do some RL chores, and yet others actually go out, have lives and stuff. Me, I filled in some more forms for the sale of my house and did some chores, though not as much as I suppose I should have.

Still, there’s always Eve, and Freya’s in there right now, so…


The above is one of my ships. Quite a tough one too actually. 🙂 I just wish I were a good enough pilot to do it justice.

Meh! Drones!

I really hate losing drones, especially expensive ones. The Eve GMs tell me they’re out there in space, alive and well, and even tell me the system I can find them in…But a solar system’s a big place, and I have neither system-scanner probes, nor the ability to use them … 😦