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Ambush in the Dark!

I had just got in. It had been one of those days, and I’m sure you’ve had them too, and know what I mean. Nothing had gone right, nothing!

Well, I went straight to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle from the fridge, a glass and a corkscrew. It’s funny now I think on it, we’re here millions of light years from old earth, and the best wines are still sold in glass bottles and sealed with a cork as they were on pre-spaceflight earth, though granted, the corks are high grade plastic now, and there are so many nanites in the bottles that it’s next to impossible to get a bad wine now.

Anyway, I digress… I headed for the sofa to sit and drink. I was about to instruct the apartment’s computer on some music when the shrill beep of the comm distracted me. I acknowledged it, of course, and sighing, greeted my caller, Zalloronde. He’s a high mucky-muck in Gallente internal security, and one does not keep this man waiting, so, unhappily, I put aside my bottle, thankfully still unopened, and headed at his “request”, to his office.

Zalloronde’s office is across town, so it’s not the quickest of journeys, but still, it passes the Pleasure Hub, so unless he disappears me again, at least I can get a good drink on the way back… perhaps the evening won’t be a total loss after all. Heh! Who am I kidding? There’s only one reason he calls me, and it’s called Vengeance, my ship, and she has a reputation in these parts. If I’m lucky, I don’t have to leave til morning… though, I prefer to keep my luck for when I’m out there.

Ah, now I have you wondering, don’t I. Well sure, I have a ship, a fleet really, and can call on a lot of resources if I need. Vengeance, more accurately “Spirit of Vengeance” is my main fighting ship, and has stood by me a long time, ever since her sister failed me one day. Oh, it was not her name back then, they were twins, but after her sister’s death, Vengeance was reborn. I have ships for most needs if I think on it, and as I said, can call on more, but those I pilot, or at least captain myself are those which give me most pleasure. I love them as I would favoured pets, and their crews, as children.

And so I arrive, and am not wrong. I have a mission to fly, a rescue. It would seem that Zalloronde’s boss, CEO even had been the subject of a kidnap attempt. His escort got him away but lost a cruiser – whose name I am not apparently cleared to know … though I am expected to help in a rescue.

Well, ok, it’s not so bad. If they had had their wits about them, they’d have hired me or one of my peers to transport the old man. We have ways of getting through most things. They just leave us til it all goes down the pan. Oh, the joys of being a contractor.

So I head, not home, but to Vengeance’s hanger. The Fed Navy station at Aunia I is huge and I don’t want to find myself in a rush-hour undocking queue. I rouse the crew, and within a few minutes, pre-launch checks are under way. We launched within the hour.

What we found was an old, supposedly defunct acceleration gate. Sheesh, these aren’t used in normal shipping lanes any more, not for decades. Deadspace it was then, so named for the fact that warp engines wont work, and acceleration is severely limited. I hate it! Irrational of course, it’s not like any battle-cruiser class ship is fast enough for the deadspace problems to matter… unless things get so bad we need to warp out. So anyway, we checked the systems, and triggered the gate.

They must have known we were coming. Seven cruisers sat about 70km from my warp in point, and all targetted me straight off the button. So… standard technique, set an orbit range, pick the closest target and try to orbit a ship nearly twice my speed. And then… fuck! Sentry turrets…

They were weaker than I thought. They never even pierced my shields. I pity them.

We rescued the prisoners, and took some captives. Zalloronde was pleased! He asked me later to transport the captives to a remote interrogation centre. I was happy to oblige. I have a shuttle outfitted specially for it. I set the autopilot, retrieved my wine and well, the rest is… if not history, then at least pleasantly blurred.

I was bitten!

So I was wandering the streets of London at the end of last week… It was late and I’d been drinking, as I am wont. When suddenly from the dark behind, came a shape. A shape I’d met before, in another London, in another time… It was Mordkar, an evil being who’d seduced me more than once, in many lives…

I was stunned… I had my wits but barely and I was overcome. I was bitten. The precious pain, the feeling of life flowing fast; leaving me, entering me… the movement, the colours… I was dying, I was living, I was changing… I was… I was more alive than I’d ever been.

I stood up and looked around me. I recognised the place… Eros on his plinth… Piccadilly… a pain in the neck caused me to swat with my hand… it came away bloody… messy.

I staggered into the shadows and slumped… and waited.

In time, I heard voices. It was not a surprise. This place is always busy, even in the dead of night… I waited, I leaped… I was satiated. I was whole…

The bodies hidden, I ran… I ran until I could run no more… and I fell into the dark… I knew not where.

When I woke, I looked at the time… 8pm… it would be dark soon… I looked around hungrily… perhaps a careless victim would pass by.

More adventures in outer space

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been encouraging some friends to try Eve-Online, and perhaps join us in some deep space fun. A lot of Second Lifers are already in the game, and this was more about attracting new blood and giving people something to do, other than Warcraft, when Second Life is unusable – as it so often is these days.

Anyway, Peasan tried it a couple of weeks ago, and though she enjoyed it, was busy in real life and did not really have the time. She’s interested though, and may come back, either with the same or a new character. Since then – due in part to his purchase of a new PC, Lucifer has joined, and has trained himself up to flying a destroyer. Aeolus has joined too, and signed up quickly. He’s still in a frigate, but I can see that changing soon. Lastly, Jennyfur joined us, and though still in her “rookie ship”, she is having fun, and if she stays, will go a long way. I am told that we could be seeing Flipper and Freya J there soon too.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon, Flavian met up with us and we all met up to chat in Bourynes. It can be a very social game, for one in which you spend most of your time flying solo in a spaceship. It’s a shame Freya B wasn’t around, I miss flying with her – and her ship is pretty cool too.

Only one day on…

… and I’m sitting in Eve Online working on skills. So, what has changed? Well, I don’t really think anything has except… well, as I mentioned yesterday, I needed to log in to change skill training last night. Well, it turned out to be about 6am this morning in fact, so I left it and woke up early to do so.

Well, the skill training was complete, as expected. I checked my ratings, hopped into my nearest convenient ship and programmed the autopilot for a trip to Caille University in the Bourynes system. I launched, and was on my way… reading the Second Citizen forums to pass the journey time. And, to be honest, couldn’t raise much interest. I just didn’t feel like responding to anything, which is most unlike me. I didn’t feel like logging into Second Life either, so I stayed in Eve for now. Anyway, I arrived at Bourynes, warped to the University and docked. I picked up two new books, (Sentry Drone Operation and Repair Drone Operation) and set my autopilot to take me home. I went to make coffee.

So I got home, started the skill training and looked for something to do. Well, as it turns out, a known pirate gang had set up in a nearby system and were running an illegal prison facility there. I was asked to go check it out and if possible, put a stop to it. My agent offered me about 400,000 credits to do this. Pretty small money, but since I’ve not been around for a bit, that’s understandable. I fitted my ships defences and off I went. Not a lot of point in being stealthy here – a battlecruiser tends to be a bit obvious, a command cruiser, even more so – so I warped straight into the middle of them, picking out sentries as preferred targets. I knew their cruisers would take time to get into attack range, and my combat drones could hold off their frigates indefinately. It didn’t last long.

So now, I’m home and heading to my base to dock. We’ll see what comes next.

Anyways, I’ve been offered a mission called Massive Attack next. It’s a good one and the reward is well over a million. It takes a while though – the time bonus is set at 6 hours – so I’ll leave it til later, after the daily downtime.

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Sio’s roundup

Everything that really matters…

It’s been a little while since I posted a roundup of what was going on in the Sioverse, so I thought to myself this morning, while chatting with the lovely (and delightfully mean) Peasan Kuu, that I should – if only to remind myself what I’ve been doing, and more to the point, what I have not been doing and should have been.

I’ve not played Eve Online a lot lately. It seems to come and go in cycles for me, especially now. Freya mentioned something a month or so back, which I didn’t really pick up on, but is true. We fly the biggest, most powerful ships available in Empire Space. Apart from adding even more weapons and add ons, there’s no way to progress without going into full time PvP, which I dislike intensely. So, I log in to train skills. I’m sure interest will return soon, and I’ll play more. It’s just … well, you know what I mean anyway. A game should be fun, not a chore, and flying in low-security space means watching over my shoulder every moment for people who think it’s fun to start a sneak attack on an unsuspecting ship… that’s not fun… that’s harassment, and I don’t need it. Still, I’ll need to log in tonight, as I have a skill training that’s near completion, so at least my drones will fly faster ;-).

I don’t play Sociolotron either anymore, but I do still talk to people from there, especially Sha Parker and Tuesday Next. They, especially Sha, keep me informed somewhat of what goes on there from day to day. Maybe some time I’ll look back in again, but I don’t think it will be soon if I do. Much the same goes for World of Warcraft, Horizons or Lineage II and it’s clones. They’re nice enough games for the most part, but I don’t like the grind. Maybe I’m just lazy.

In Second Life, I’ve been somewhat more active. I’ve been nagging Freya for a while about bringing back Primtionary in Zazi. I’m not really sure how it differed from the other Primtionary games really, except perhaps in the people who came, and the general quirkiness. Whatever it was, it was popular, and often, we’ve been asked about it. Well, the truth is, it’s not easy to run all the time. You need a word-list that’s being constantly modified and added to. It needs to be run properly and can be stressful – ask any of the few remaining Primtionary hosts out there… it’s not a fully automatic thing like the *ingo games out there. It’s been tried. You can use a script to identify who guesses first, and while where there’s lag, it’s fairer (ok, someone lagged can be unlucky – but it’s the machine that picks, so there’s no accusation of favouritism), but it can’t account for typos.

In any case. While Freya’s not yet ready to go back to running the game, she’s offered me space to run it myself, and maybe she’ll co-host or guest host from time to time. I’ve built the stage, and more or less completed the scripting. All I need is a word-list, some sponsors (I need prize money), and an audience. I’m sure we’ll be available to start next week if not sooner. Maybe even on Sunday!

I took some building contracts recently, which while they haven’t made me rich in any sense of the word, at least mean I’m not scraping for cash every time I see a new pair of shoes. It’s renewed my interest in building things too, so hopefully, if it keeps up, I’ll spend more time doing it, get more contracts, and eventually buy some land again. Who knows, miracles could happen!

And finally RealLife™. I’m sorry I don’t have a URL, but it seems very obscure these days. Not many people play and the website seems to have reverted to some foreign porn site, to which I won’t link – at least, not today. So, I’m still out of work and looking, but it’s hard, it’s soul-crushing. For sure, I have a couple of issues that make it a little harder to find work than it might be otherwise, but sheesh. I don’t even get interviews these days. The only positive thing is that at least I own my home now, so at least the bank can’t foreclose and throw me out on the street.

I’ve been on my diet and off alcohol now for three and a half weeks. I’ve not weighed yet, but clothes are starting to feel a little looser on me. I take this as a good sign. Of course, with St Patrick’s day coming up on Saturday, I get the feeling that all my hard work will be undone. At least, I can tell myself, it’d be worse if I hadn’t dieted in advance! We’ll see.

That reminds me. It’s Mothers’ Day here in the UK on Sunday. I’ll have to do something about that. Second Life’s down for maintenance this afternoon and I’m off shopping, so I can deal with that, at least.

Well, that’s it for now. I have job applications to fill in – no doubt another waste of time but I have to try – and I should get ready to go out. It’s a nice day in the big blue room, and I don’t want to waste all of it.

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New Additions

It’s not only Second Life that’s been updated this week. Eve-Online has too, with new ships, equipment and skills to learn, as well as changes to those already existing. Here are a couple of ships I was playing with a few minutes ago…

First, a Myrmidon class Battle Cruiser

and second, a Hyperion class Battleship

Very, very cool…

Catching up.

It’s been an odd couple of weeks, in several ways. Family events that needed (and still need) to be dealt with, the new job and friends who are unwell. Still, I suppose it can only get better.

One thing about it was that I missed most of the commotion around the CopyBot in Second Life. Oh, sure I heard about it, and the latest grey-goo grid attack too, but I didn’t experience them, and I suppose that’s good. I’m still really annoyed with Linden Lab over well… let’s just call it the incident for now. It’s been two and a half months, and they’ve still not responded to my request for information. Well, that’s their problem now I guess. I’m getting pretty bored with SL right now anyway.

So anyway, Freya’s getting better, as is Eloise, and this is good. Just need to get Nenya’s Eve account re-activated and we can play there. Well, she, Freya and I can… Eloise uses a Mac, and there’s no OS-X version of Eve… yet, and I can’t convince her to get a PC just for one game. Grrr!