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Official Linden Blog: Viewer Update Monday.

And so, the First-Look client goes live on Monday. What can I say other than that I’m shocked and disappointed. And by the comments on the official blog, I’m not alone. Constant crashes, freeze-ups, packet loss. This morning, on the latest version… after it crashed, it kept the music stream playing! And with no way to stop it until I logged back in.

I really hope it’s an optional update.  If not, it’s going to be very detrimental to at least my time in world!

Official Linden Blog » Blog Archive 1.14.0 Viewer Update Monday. Preview available for download. «

A general update

Most of you probably won’t notice. But for those who are interested in the early years of this blog, I’ve exported my old Live Journal blog posts and imported them into here (with the exception of the one saying I was moving it to here, that is).

The Live Journal archive is still there, but now you don’t need to switch sites to read it.

NB: this blog is syndicated there too as sios_wp.

Eloise goes to work for SL Insider

Just a quick note here to send congratulations to Eloise Pasteur on her new job as a reporter for Second Life Insider magazine. I tried to leave a comment on her introduction post, but the “confirmation email” it supposedly sent me didn’t arrive… Show’s how much on the outside I am, I guess.

Anyway, congratulations Eloise. You’ll go a long way.

[Edit] Looks like the post did show up… just took ages.