January Updates – Part 2

Well, true to form, I did what I said I would.

Last November, I handed in my notice at work. I ignored the fixed notice period and said I’d work til the end of the year, which was a bit more than required. Due to acquired leave, my last working day was Christmas Eve.

So I spent Christmas with my parents, and went up to London for the New Year… travelled on the 30th as usual, so I’d have plenty of time to get ready to go out. The difference this time is… I didn’t go back. Nope, I am now living at Mornington Crescent near Camden Town, and I am now Siobhán full time. This is not to say I’ve not been back at all since… I still own the old house and all that’s in it… I want to move at least the expensive stuff (TV, PC, lounge suite etc) up here, and get rid of what I don’t want…

So I went down for a few days to collect some, and visit the parents. They know, and they support me, but… they do not approve even slightly.

Anyway, this week… I got my ears pierced for the first time, I got my name changed legally, so now I am Siobhán (though not Taylor in rl), and I’ve made a start getting my bank and medical records moved. Tax records will follow but since I am unemployed, I guess that’s a minor thing.

I saw my new GP today; a lovely woman called Emma. She admitted up front she knows very little bout transgender issues (except the obvious), but she seems very eager to learn and be supportive. I say “Yay!”

Anyways, most of my friends are staying in tonight as there is a game tomorrow.  I used to be into RPGs, so my friends are those folks… Now I’m not, it’s awkward when they have something on and I do not. So… I am finding my own fun tonight. God help me!

Someone entertain me… fast…



January Updates

It seems that every time I write an update here, I have to start with an apology for the time it’s been since the last one. I should really try to work on that as it’s getting to be all too easy to forget this blog even exists. So let’s get that out of the way first, sorry for the delay.

Anyway, on to the updates. My new family in SL – mentioned in passing a couple of posts ago – has worked for me. I still miss Freya, but I’m not dwelling daily on it any more. Miss Schlippsi looks after me well and the only thing I lack there is time with her – time zones and work patterns being what they are.

I’ve shortened my hair too, and I recently took a new profile picture for SL.  I like it, and so far I’ve had positive feedback on it…


Shadows in Metatheria

I know it’s not perfect, but there you go…

Recently, I was interviewed in world for Moonletters. It’s a two part interview and can be found directly here and here. It’s been a while since anyone took any real interest in me, so I was a bit surprised, and to be honest, I put Paypabak off for a while as I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to do it. In the end though, I’m glad I did. Tell me what you think.

Well, there’s some RL stuff too, but I’ll save that for another post later…