It would seem that the only time I blog these days is when I’m miserable. Don’t ask my why though, I just never get round to it other times.
Anyway, as those of you who know me on Plurk will recall, I’ve been having more trouble this autumn with local youths. It’s got me to the stage that I really can’t take living here any more. I can never relax in the evenings, I don’t sleep properly. Added to a job I can’t stand in a call centre, and it all makes for me being one stressed out girl.
So, I have all but decided to change, and go to London at the new year, and stay there. Money will be an issue, as will finding a new job, but it can’t be worse than this.
So, decisions need to be made soon. My job needs 4 weeks notice, so time is running out on me. I feel sick.