Spring update

It seems ages since I blogged anything here, so I think it’s time for an update, on a few things at least. I am kind of assuming that someone still reads this after a 2 or 3 month gap.

Anyway, it’s March 2nd. Last month was Freya’s 6th rezday – and she missed it. In fact, I’ve not seen her online anywhere since then either. I miss her loads and I hope she comes back soon. It’s not the same in SL without her (even if she thinks she’s boring). More, I hope she’s alright. Maybe just busy in RL.

On a personal and RL front, I’ve now been on my pills for 3 weeks. There’s no obvious effect yet but it’s early days and I’m watching closely. Work continues to be a pain in the arse. I seriously need a new one, and soon before I crack. If anyone knows of something, let me know – I’m almost desperate enough to consider LL!

I’ll be in London again soon, for 10 days over the May bank holiday. It would be nice to meet any fellow SLers who are in town then, so get in contact (here, SL or plurk) and we can sort something out. There’s lots of time. This means you, Locum and Vint!

So anyway, here I am on another frozen day in Cardiff, depressed and lonely again. Even SL doesn’t help. I log in and stay at home chatting in IMs. Last night, even someone tp’ing in was enough to drop my frame rate to 1 or lower and send sim-ping up to 5000 or so. Certainly enough to make me freeze and get unresponsive.

Someone come and take me away from all this, please.