Thoughts on Second Life changes

Something I have been giving a little thought to lately is “What if Linden go ahead with this new verification policy? How will it affect me and mine?” The answer is of course that I have no idea. We are given no information beyond that it will happen. I don’t know for a fact that it will affect me, though it is quite likely. I kinda define the term “Not safe for work”.

In our skybox (in a mature sim), Freya and I have a few works of art, included within which are a number of nudes. We have pose-balls on couches, though none of them are overtly sexual in nature. Sometimes, I bring a subbie there to play. Some of this will change, it has to. Personally I have no intention of verifying, which will prevent me accessing a lot, including my furniture business, not that I sell much these days, but it’s beside the point. Of course, as in other times, oldbies may be grandfathered in. I was last time they did something like this, perhaps for having a lifetime account (sometimes refered to as a chartered account). Who knows though? My thoughts are mostly to do with the what if they don’t?

Assuming for the moment that I am left unverified, either through choice as a protest, or because of location or circumstances. My enjoyment of Second LifeTM is going to be curtailed to such a point that it will be a waste of time logging in except to answer questions in Instant Messages. I’ll have no need for clothes since I won’t see anyone who matters. I won’t need a home since I will never entertain. I won’t need land since I won’t have a store. So I tier back down to zero, maybe keep a few m² as an office in case. That way I get my L$500 every week, and cash out every month or so.

At what point does it become a waste to buy clothes, or even to read the fashion feeds? If I go to another grid, I would have to re-buy there, I can’t take my inventory with me as things stand now.