Thoughts on Second Life changes

Something I have been giving a little thought to lately is “What if Linden go ahead with this new verification policy? How will it affect me and mine?” The answer is of course that I have no idea. We are given no information beyond that it will happen. I don’t know for a fact that it will affect me, though it is quite likely. I kinda define the term “Not safe for work”.

In our skybox (in a mature sim), Freya and I have a few works of art, included within which are a number of nudes. We have pose-balls on couches, though none of them are overtly sexual in nature. Sometimes, I bring a subbie there to play. Some of this will change, it has to. Personally I have no intention of verifying, which will prevent me accessing a lot, including my furniture business, not that I sell much these days, but it’s beside the point. Of course, as in other times, oldbies may be grandfathered in. I was last time they did something like this, perhaps for having a lifetime account (sometimes refered to as a chartered account). Who knows though? My thoughts are mostly to do with the what if they don’t?

Assuming for the moment that I am left unverified, either through choice as a protest, or because of location or circumstances. My enjoyment of Second LifeTM is going to be curtailed to such a point that it will be a waste of time logging in except to answer questions in Instant Messages. I’ll have no need for clothes since I won’t see anyone who matters. I won’t need a home since I will never entertain. I won’t need land since I won’t have a store. So I tier back down to zero, maybe keep a few m² as an office in case. That way I get my L$500 every week, and cash out every month or so.

At what point does it become a waste to buy clothes, or even to read the fashion feeds? If I go to another grid, I would have to re-buy there, I can’t take my inventory with me as things stand now.

Rheta Shan R.I.P.

About a month or so ago, I was chatting with Thdast (Thaddy) Schwarzman about her Mistress and lover, Rheta Shan. They’d arranged to meet in SL and Rheta hadn’t showed up. Thaddy was pretty upset and feeling rejected as one does at such times, and as a friend, I did my best to reassure her.

Time went by and last week I asked Thaddy how long it had been. When she answered, I said that I thought it was a bit soon to give up yet, to which she replied that she would never give up waiting. I nodded, it’s a feeling I knew well.

Yesterday came the bombshell. Not one, but two young lives snuffed out. Rheta and her soon to be born child, hit by a van while crossing the road. Death perhaps not instant, but from what I understand, unconsciousness probably was, so any pain was limited. My heart goes out – as so many others have also said – to her family and friends both in RL and in SL, but mostly to Thaddy. I cried in work when I heard yesterday. I can barely conceive what Thdast is going through now – at least her RL friends had a funeral.

So if you see her on the grid, spare a thought for Thdast Schwarzman and say hi. Offer her a hug, but don’t ask how she’s feeling.

I hope there will be a memorial.

Thaddy, we are all here for you and I know you have a new bright shining guardian angel watching over you from Heaven.

Rheta Shan/Valérie M, and her unborn son, died April 3rd 2009. May they rest in peace.

Photograph Self Portrait by Rheta Shan
Photograph Self Portrait by Rheta Shan

In search of hot eyewear.

Last night I was sitting at my PC, when I noticed a nagging pain on the bridge of my nose. Since I wear glasses, I assumed they were just rubbing, and took them off for a moment. It was then that I noticed that one of the pads had snapped off – who knows where. So, I swapped out for my old reserve pair which were twisted a couple of years back when I broke my leg – but which are still usable, just – and am wearing them now.

Two things come to mind. One is that these are men’s glasses, which feel and look (to me at least) a bit weird after all this time, and two, that I no longer have a backup pair.

So the plan is to head down to Specsavers at lunchtime for an eye test. I’ve seen some on the website I like, but invite those of you who’d like to, to make recommendations. My photo is on this blog a few posts ago if you’ve not seen it yet.