Computer Chaos

What a week! At work we’ve had loads of computer issues since early on Monday – which I can’t go into for obvious reasons – and which still, as I write, have not been resolved completely. It’s chaos here at the moment.

And then, I got home Monday evening, turned on the laptop and saw a message saying there were corrupt boot files and gave a repair proceedure. As you are aware if you follow my plurks, or can probably guess if not… it was not that simple by a long way.

It ended up reimaging the disc. Ok, a pain but not the end of the world. Most of what was lost is backed up, well data anyway. There’s another PC with much of it, and some is on my phone, my external drives and online.

Software’s not so simple, so as well as OS patching, there were a lot of updates there – and of course Steam. (I’ve not started iTunes yet).

Late yesterday afternoon, an email from my ISP told me I’d used up my entire download limit for April – from less than 50% on Sunday. I had to buy an extra 10GB just to get back online. 😦

On the positive side, a lot of the crud I’d collected over the last 6 months is gone and I have in theory at least, a cleaner, leaner machine. I have a few things left to do, then it’s down to – as they say in Windowsland – plug and pray.