One fine day

Sitting at my desk drinking a mug of slowly cooling coffee. Outside, the air is clear, the sky is bright and pale blue. A few birds pass the window, but otherwise, all is quiet. Even the city is quiet at 7:30

By 8:00 it’s changed. Traffic is almost constant outside and the noise level is a lot higher. The idiots in the office are starting to arrive too, and moaning about the heat (it’s almost warm enough to be comfortable) and have opened windows and turned the noisy portable aircon on. It’s about 10°C outside so it’s getting cold here.

Still, as days go, it started well – at least once I was awake – and that’s a good start. Let’s just hope it stays that way for at least a few hours. I finish at 3:30 so a nice long evening awaits.

Computer Chaos

What a week! At work we’ve had loads of computer issues since early on Monday – which I can’t go into for obvious reasons – and which still, as I write, have not been resolved completely. It’s chaos here at the moment.

And then, I got home Monday evening, turned on the laptop and saw a message saying there were corrupt boot files and gave a repair proceedure. As you are aware if you follow my plurks, or can probably guess if not… it was not that simple by a long way.

It ended up reimaging the disc. Ok, a pain but not the end of the world. Most of what was lost is backed up, well data anyway. There’s another PC with much of it, and some is on my phone, my external drives and online.

Software’s not so simple, so as well as OS patching, there were a lot of updates there – and of course Steam. (I’ve not started iTunes yet).

Late yesterday afternoon, an email from my ISP told me I’d used up my entire download limit for April – from less than 50% on Sunday. I had to buy an extra 10GB just to get back online. 😦

On the positive side, a lot of the crud I’d collected over the last 6 months is gone and I have in theory at least, a cleaner, leaner machine. I have a few things left to do, then it’s down to – as they say in Windowsland – plug and pray.


I don’t know why, but blogging for me comes in fits and starts. I know I’ll never be one of those who writes a novella every day about their life – mine is just too boring – or have a lot of insight into what’s going on behind the scenes of Second Life™. I suppose that my life is just boring. Sometimes though, I wish I had more to say. I mean I get up, I go to work, I come home and sit in Second Life™ or EVE-Online™, I plurk and I go to bed.

The thing is, of course that it’s not quite that simple. If I were a better writer, then I could talk about my journey, or how my day went. I could talk about what I cooked, things I saw, even clothes. I could talk about what I did in world. But, it’s mostly boring stuff. Only occasionally do I do something that would grab someone’s interest and run with it. And worse, when I do, I forget to take photos.

Recently in EVE, for instance, I’ve met and tried to help fellow Second Lifer and Plurker, Ramonna, showing her the ropes as it were, and offering advice when it’s needed. Mostly though it’s been mining – and however you paint it, shooting lumps of rock isn’t exciting. Last night I did a couple of missions with the corp. That was more fun, but I wasn’t making notes and again, no screenshots. To bee honest though, they were missions any of us could have done alone. With three of us in big ships, they were almost over before we knew what was happening. Hardly worth the time to write.

So anyway, I woke this morning to a delivery of books. One from the series I have been reading, Look to Windward by Iain M Banks is one of the couple of Culture novels I’ve never read, and will be fun. The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger is one I’ve been recommended many times, and The Dreaming Void just looked cool. Once I’ve read them, perhaps I’ll blog them or something. No idea yet.

A mad week

We’ve all had insane weeks, I know. This week for me has passed so quickly and in such a rush that I think I missed most of it. I guess having All Fools Day in the middle of it didn’t help much in that respect, just increasing the general asshattedness of the time and screwing up what sense there was of it… Anyway, let’s recap.

[Runs to bathroom, cleanser. Grab laundry from bedroom, put in machine]

Sunday was RL craziness. I was up uearly and out of the house to update my motorcycle cert. An easy task since I’ve done it before, and really should be doing a full test by now, except that just after last time, I broke a leg and it put the brakes on that for a while. Maybe this year… Anyway, due to road closures, getting there took longer than expected (diversions), the other trainee was a green newbie and couldn’t get over 20mph for most of it, and I was almost out of fuel getting home. Still, SL was fun, it usually is on Sunday night…

[Back to bathroom, toner. Get dressed. Coffee]

Monday and Tuesday are insane in work (RL) and this week was no exception what with month end panic to cope with too. I also went to see my GP about hormones on Tuesday morning, to review information I gave him over a week ago. Typically NHS, he’d not got round to doing anything about it, so I am still sitting here waiting. [Grrr] We were still busy at work Wednesday and Thursday too, but my evenings were fun. Had wine and play in SL.

I can’t remember which evening it was, probably Tuesday. I was in a club dancing as I do, when an avatar with a dubious grasp of english asked me if I liked dancing… What she meant I later discovered was “would I like to dance with her”. Well, I said yes and we started, but within a minute she was asking me about Xcites and asking whether I liked using them. It didn’t last long. I left her for someone less sexually aggressive.

Yesterday, I heard that a close trans friend of mine was offered SRS finally by her GP (as one of a number of options). I am so jealous, but she’s had a long journey to come this far and I am happy for her. [Now to annoy my own GP.] We chatted a while in SL, but I was too sleepy for more, which is a shame as I would have loved to take her shopping or dancing to celebrate. Maybe tonight!

[Moisturiser, brush hair]

Well, Friday’s going to be much the same. Where I work, they don’t count Poetsday and I am working til late anyway. Probably not home til about 8pm, but with luck it won’t be busy. I’ll have my Smartphone/PDA for IMs, Plurks and even Blog updates, and I have my books to read.

I’ll update this as and when, either through the day, when I get home, or during hawt pixel sex in SL. Unless I decide to kill stuff in Eve that is, reading Culture books makes me want to do that.