Rainy days and the future

Funny how things go really. I left the house early today to get a bus to work because of the rain. (If you’ve ever ridden in heavy rain you’ll understand why). The first bus sped straight past without stopping, leaving me to wait 20 minutes for the next one. Suddenly my plan to not get soaked seemed a bit washed out. The next was however a few minutes early and I managed to get on the same connection as I would have for the earlier bus.

I’ll get to work early now and have time for a brew and to relax before I’m chained to the phone for another 8 hours of torture at the hands of clueless morons. I tell you, most of them – to use a Willisism – would benefit greatly from a spork to the eye. I don’t like the job, not as it is. I need stimulus, change, not this constant whining over the phone all the fucking time.

So as most of you know, I’m looking for a change of direction. A complete life change to an extent a lot of people will never even see, though it’s not that uncommon. Still, I need to get out of here and back into the city where I can, if nothing else, be myself again.

It will happen, and it will happen soon!

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