And so the extended trip is done and I am home. My parents still don’t understand, and voices were raised on Tuesday night. They can’t get their minds round the fact that it’s something I need to do. They still insist it’s a choice and just something I want. I just hope that will change soon.

London was great, my friends, old and new were equally so. I can’t thank them enough for being so good to me.


So I’m up early-ish. I called my doctor to discuss my meds and am expecting a call back later. Hopefully sooner if you know what I mean. Being back home has been somewhat of a crash so far, but at least I’m not in work til Monday. It gives me a few days to ease myself back into this … well I’ll call it a life for lack of a better word… existence maybe.

I have some scratches on my left shin, not deep but painful. Meh, I’m such a wuss sometimes. So anyway, plans for today include shopping and speaking to my doctor this afternoon. Then, if time allows, maybe I’ll go see Watchmen this evening. I dunno yet, the road from here to where the cinema is, is not fun at night.

Parents then tomorrow, back sometime Sunday afternoon. It’ll be Mothers’ Day here in the UK, so I got to go play nice with them, which of course means betraying my own self. It’s only one day though I guess, and maybe this time next year I’ll be so far along it’ll be impossible for them to deny. We’ll see.