London trip – Days 5 & 6

Firstly an apology for not keeping up over the weekend, and for still not posting the pics from Friday night.

Anyways, Saturday morning was slow. I sat on the web and wrote up Friday night, relaxing and taking it easy, heading into town about midday. Met up with flatmate who was returning from an overnight stay at his girlfriends house, we had coffee and I dragged him round town shopping for a few hours. We caught some of the rugby of the television and got ready to go out for the evening.

This was interesting! We went to a pub in Camden called Quinns, where we settled down with a glass of Belgian beer while waiting for some other friends to show up, which about 20 minutes later, they did. Now, I had assumed that everyone was aware by now of what was going on, but I was wrong. One friend leaned over the partition to say hi, and his jaw hit the floor when he saw how I was dressed… (all in black, skinny tee shirt, a tight skirt to mid thigh, patterned tights and my tall boots, with a silver belt and accents). Still, he was good, it took just a few seconds for him to recover and all went great the rest of the night… He even hugged me when it was time to go. All in all another night made of pure WIN!

Sunday morning we went off to see another couple of old friends. My flatmate was picking up a new tv he’d bought, and I went along for the ride and to help where I could. Getting home it was sit around for the afternoon – letting my face relax from wearing makeup all week, and watched videos with pizza and wine til after midnight.

So now, Monday… my last full day here. Hoping to meet up with Michelle this afternoon in town to shop and have some fun. Flatmate may meet us after work, depending. If any SLers are in town, available this afternoon and are interested, then drop me an email (or a text if you have my number) and we’ll arrange a meetup. Be prepared to sit around drinking wine and coffee and putting up with me at my giggliest.

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