London trip – Day 4

Friday 13th March, perhaps unlucky for some, but not for me it seems. After a lazy morning, I headed up to Camden to meet Michelle. We had coffee, and then took a wander round Camden market. In the end, we didn’t get what we wanted, but who cares, we had fun looking, and trying things on. So much to see, and it was a good time to go as there was lots around.

We finished with some baked potatoes in some eco-café and headed back to the flat for me to get ready for the evening.

So, with Michelle heading home (I told her she should have come with me) I headed off to Vint‘s do in the West End. Vint arrived just after me, which saved me some fuss at reception since we recognised each other straight away (having never met before) and headed in. It was mostly the Rezzable team, and I must offer them the biggest of thanks for showing me a great time last night.

It was rather dark inside, and my camera-phone, lacking a flash, couldn’t get any photos. However, a few people had some, and the results are expected to be passed out later today. Expect an update here or an additional post when they arrive.

2 thoughts on “London trip – Day 4”

  1. And TY very much for attending. I had a great time! :)))))

    Photographs: 50% is still sleeping, the other 50% is err… not in the office. We’ll get them to you asap, though! 😉

  2. I’m jellouse….your having a flipping good time…any better you’ll have to post pic’s of yourself doing backflips… 😉

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