London trip – Day 3

Thursday was a pretty amazing day!  I spent most of the time in the early part browsing the web for jobs, commenting on plurks and the like, but the evening was where it took off.

I wandered down to Euston station, where I was meeting friends in the pub upstairs. So anyway, shile some of them had been advised what to expect, not all had, so there were a couple of shocked faces. It was all good though, and later we went to the Great Nepalese restaurant for a meal, where we stayed until about 11:30. The only slip up was that one of the waiters called me ‘Sir’ once, but nobody seemed to notice and he didn’t repeat the error. I’ll but it down to an honest slip on his part. To be honest, my voice gives me away anyway, so I have to expect this sort of thing.

Still, I had fun, enjoyed my time and had a good meal and wine. What more can a girl ask for?