London trip – Day 1

The day, after an awkward start went rather well. I slept late due to over-indulging on wine on Monday evening, and so got up with about 45 minutes to get ready and go, and this with a hangover. I knew I’d forget something, and it was the small lock I use on my rucksack/laptop bag. As a result, it pulled open under the weight and ejected my mouse and some cables. Fortunately, aside from some small scratches, there was no harm done.

Trains were running well, so I made good time and landed in Paddington just after 12:30, whereupon I took the underground to Euston Square and walked up to Mornington Crescent where I’m staying for the week.

Emma was tunning late, but arrived about 3, and we chatted, had some coffee and she was good enough to help me with my makeup. On the other hand, she did try to pinch my boots – they are rather cute – so. We were going to go shopping, but for one reason or another, mostly to do with the weather not being great, that didn’t happen, and we headed out about 5:45.

A friend had invited me to a meet-up in town, near Oxford Street, so Emma and I wandered off down there, had a few drinks and some food while waiting for my friend and flatmate. It was quite fun, but a little on the quiet side. Later we headed up to Camden Town for Emma’s group, where we stayed til about 10.

All in all, not a bad first day out, but it was evening and I had good company. Today it’s daylight and I’m alone, and I have to do some grocery shopping. It won’t be as hard as if I had to do this yesterday, but even so, I am nervous.

Sorry there are no photos, but Emma doesn’t like them, and my camera seemed a bit over complex for her.  Perhaps today/tonight. See how things go.