The butterfly effect

Well, not really of course, or else there’d be about a dozen tropical storms converging on Melbourne about now. I have so many butterflies in my stomach it’s be a collector’s wet dream. The nerves are really setting in.

It’s just before 2pm here, I am packed and all but ready to leave… not of course that I do leave until 8:45 tomorrow morning. Feeling all weird.

Early morning terrors.

It finally hit me this morning as a lay in bed – the enormity of what I have planned for this week. My excitement and nerves turned to real fear for once, and not the kind I already expected. A thousand questions ran through my mind… some real, some hypothetical. Last minute panic, stage fright if you prefer. It feels pretty bad, but in the light of day, the excitement is taking over again…

  • Will I pass?
  • How will people react?
  • How will my old friends react?
  • Will I have trouble from local youths?
  • What will I do if anything bad happens?

I’m sure you understand what I mean. I’m not looking for sympathy from anyone, and the people who already know have been most supportive, with the possible exception of the ‘rents, who still think it’s some kind of kink.

Anyway more later… I have things to do.