Snow = Fail!

Every day this week, or at least every one I was supposed to, I got into work.

Monday I was in London following a visit with friends and so had a day of leave. On seeing the scene outside, I called work to let them know I was there and may not get into work for Tuesday. However, later on I pulled on my shoes (I hadn’t brought any boots) and trekked off to the nearest railway station to begin my journey. The city was white, but roads were mostly clear – if slushy – and I was thinking that when I was young, they wouldn’t have cancelled everything like this. I got home later than planned, but the journey wasn’t too bad.

Tuesday the snow hit here. I was up at 6am, and at 7:15 was out to get the first bus. It was snowing, but light. The roads worked, though not well enough for my bike. I got to work only 15 minutes late, much to the surprise of colleagues and bosses alike. Living where I do, they had not expected me in at all. They sent me home 2 hours later in case bus services were cancelled and I was stranded. They were, and I was… It took trains and taxis to get me home.

Wednesday was bad too, the roads worked, but at 7:15 in the morning the ice was too much to cope with. I called work and told them I’d be late. Still, I got in. The weather cleared later, and so it was almost a full day and I came home normally.

And then today… Looking outside it doesn’t seem as bad as the other days, but I guess when it starts early… Anyway, I waited patiently at the bus stop over half an hour for nothing. Then someone told me they were cancelled. I came home to check. The website says they are running, the people on the phone don’t know. In any case, I can see the stop from my window and no buses have passed since – at least, none I can use.

So much for snow!