The year is dead. Long live the year.

December 31st 2008, New Year’s Eve. It’s 1:45pm as I write this, and I’m at work. Outside it’s cold & getting colder – though at least it’s dry. It’s quiet in the office too, a lot of people are away on leave, and there isn’t much to do. We’re here “just in case”.

This morning was made of fail. My bike broke down on the way in, and I had to come in by bus. Going home tonight will be fun – not! I’m a little worried that I may not even get there.

But it’s New Year, so as long as I get home, none of the rest matters.

So, looking back, how has this year been? Well, I celebrated my 5th Rezday in SL & my 40th in RL. I got a new bike to replace the one that was stolen. I saw doctors about my depression (which is a little improved) and a damaged knee. I left my corp in Eve…

Not very eventful really, so what about the wider worlds? Well SL is laggy as ever. LL have, for our convenience, re-introduced a plethora of bugs that we thought were fixed years ago. I’ve even seen ghosted avies & the anal-attachment-point bug recently as well as some amazing new memory leaks and asshat-server issues. All very entertaining.

Lots of people died though and will be missed – from celebraties like Heath Ledger & Arthur C. Clarke to people a bit closer to us such as the recently departed Kendra Bancroft, who was a friend to many of us and known to us all. Let us keep her memory, and those of other departed friends, close and alive in our hearts.

2009 starts tomorrow. A clean slate to start anew. Let’s make the best we can of it.