A day in the life

One of those days! It started ok, though cold, and I got the bus this morning with no bother. We even beat the early traffic for once, which meant I had almost a 20 minute wait at the railway station.

And that’s where it started to go wrong. The train, when it arrived, was a short 2 carriage one – way too small for the number of passengers it was carrying – and so we were packed like sardines in a tin. At least it was warm and on-time.

Work was the usual Hell. Sometimes though I wonder if I’m a tortured soul in the “Hell of Constant Phone Calls” or if, as a member of IT, I’m a demon torturing users with eternally faulty computers…

And now, it’s the trip home. We’ve not reached it yet, but the bus driver warned of an accident ahead and we could be quite some time.

On the other hand, I have my ipod and my phone, which apart from blogging, is also pretty good at plurking and at IMs. I at least am assured of good company. Wish me luck as I sit here waiting.