Silent Voices

And a day that started off really well, couldn’t last, of course. I had a cold this morning, I knew that, and a sore throat, but these things normally get better. Today it didn’t – it got worse. A sore throat combined with heartburn and a headache made for a really miserable journey to work this morning… and then, even this was not enough. Within half an hour of getting there, I knew I was losing my voice.

By lunchtime, I’d been sent home, there’s no point my being there to possibly spread whatever bug I had, especially when most of my job is to answer phones. The callers couldn’t even hear me.

I know I don’t particularly like the sound of my voice, and Trinity described me as sounding like a Dalek last week… but you know, that’s not the point. I need it!

I suppose at least being home and wrapped up warm with more medicine than should be necessary, then I should recover soon. I hope so at least. I hate being sick.