Wednesday update

Another rainy Wednesday. By this time I got into work I was soaked to the skin, cold and miserable. Which more or less lead to an uncomfortable day… and added to the fact that I really hate the job, has not made work a great prospect. There have been some other things at work too, which I’m not really prepared to talk about here.

Which brings me home, and into Second Life and Plurk. I have friends here and life is a lot better than in RealLife™. Thank you to all who try to make me feel better. It does work!

I’m still not sure about Eve. I think over the next couple of weeks, a corporation change is in order. Even Freya is talking about it, so if we get a couple of people together, it might be time to form one of our own. I don’t know yet, but VV is falling apart, and I no longer have the incentive to fight to keep it together.

We’ll see… for now I have something way more important… a hot bath…

Back in a little bit with more, maybe…

2 thoughts on “Wednesday update”

  1. “but VV is falling apart” I’m always the last to hear everything. 😦 I suppose the lack of corp email and message board activity should have been a clue.

    A hot bath sounds good, though. 🙂

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