That Friday Feeling

Thank Crunchie! It’s Friday!

The end of another dreary week at a job I hate, though if I am honest, it’s not been a bad one really, and I have an easy afternoon today so…

I can haz a happy!

Last night was a party in Rouge, which was fun, even though I couldn’t stay long. There’ll be another tonight! I just wish I could be two places at once so I can chill with more of my friends. I miss Freya too…

Still not got properly back into Eve either. I guess it’s lost most of the social aspect and is more like solo gaming now. That should change soon of course with the new patches… we’ll see. It’s too soon to give up all hope.

Anyways, I have wine chilling in the fridge, and pizza ready to cook when I get home. Linden help anyone to steals my happy today!