Silent Voices

And a day that started off really well, couldn’t last, of course. I had a cold this morning, I knew that, and a sore throat, but these things normally get better. Today it didn’t – it got worse. A sore throat combined with heartburn and a headache made for a really miserable journey to work this morning… and then, even this was not enough. Within half an hour of getting there, I knew I was losing my voice.

By lunchtime, I’d been sent home, there’s no point my being there to possibly spread whatever bug I had, especially when most of my job is to answer phones. The callers couldn’t even hear me.

I know I don’t particularly like the sound of my voice, and Trinity described me as sounding like a Dalek last week… but you know, that’s not the point. I need it!

I suppose at least being home and wrapped up warm with more medicine than should be necessary, then I should recover soon. I hope so at least. I hate being sick.

Happy Birthday Freya

I would like to take this opportunity to wish the happiest of birthdays to the beautiful Freya Becquerel. Freya, have a great day and I look forward to seeing you this evening.

Everyone else, if you’re in SL and want to say hi in person, just IM me for a teleport or a landmark, depending where we happen to be.

Since this is her RL birthday, I won’t mention how many years she’s been playing, but suffice to say, fewer than I have.

Wednesday update

Another rainy Wednesday. By this time I got into work I was soaked to the skin, cold and miserable. Which more or less lead to an uncomfortable day… and added to the fact that I really hate the job, has not made work a great prospect. There have been some other things at work too, which I’m not really prepared to talk about here.

Which brings me home, and into Second Life and Plurk. I have friends here and life is a lot better than in RealLife™. Thank you to all who try to make me feel better. It does work!

I’m still not sure about Eve. I think over the next couple of weeks, a corporation change is in order. Even Freya is talking about it, so if we get a couple of people together, it might be time to form one of our own. I don’t know yet, but VV is falling apart, and I no longer have the incentive to fight to keep it together.

We’ll see… for now I have something way more important… a hot bath…

Back in a little bit with more, maybe…

That Friday Feeling

Thank Crunchie! It’s Friday!

The end of another dreary week at a job I hate, though if I am honest, it’s not been a bad one really, and I have an easy afternoon today so…

I can haz a happy!

Last night was a party in Rouge, which was fun, even though I couldn’t stay long. There’ll be another tonight! I just wish I could be two places at once so I can chill with more of my friends. I miss Freya too…

Still not got properly back into Eve either. I guess it’s lost most of the social aspect and is more like solo gaming now. That should change soon of course with the new patches… we’ll see. It’s too soon to give up all hope.

Anyways, I have wine chilling in the fridge, and pizza ready to cook when I get home. Linden help anyone to steals my happy today!