Bleh for sickness!

I’ve not been very well the last few days. The worst of it is, I can’t find the cause. Headaches and sniffles almost constantly since Saturday, hot and cold flushes… Most of that’s gone now, the headache is still there, but much better, but I’m not sleeping – just lying in bed all night wondering why not, and eventually squeezing in 2 or 3 hours of some kind of sleep…

NO! I’m not pregnant! If nothing else, you need two people for that… well with one notable exception from history.

I now have a … not sore, just rough throat to add to it, and the weather looks horrible for the ride to work. I really hope the day turns out better than it looks, because it doesn’t look like much fun at all so far.

On the other hand… my broken espresso machine has been replaced now, so at least I have a nice double-shot latte for breakfast, and that is one not-so-small step in the right direction.

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