Weekend Away

And so, here we are again. Away from home. My parents are away for the weekend, and they asked me to look after the dog. So I’m away, at their place, with a stack of DVDs, a laptop, and a small dog… oh, and access to the wine cellar. It’s a nice enough day, good weather and so on. It was a pleasant ride down today too, so I can’t complain about that, and since Freya’s away, I needed something to do. Pity the connection’s not stable enough for Second Life, though I could play Eve if I were tempted.

I looked at the date. Eleven days to go. Eleven days to my fifth birthday. I’ve not been in Second Life for a while, at least not regularly. I spend a lot of time playing Eve, which is more fun I suppose, but it’s also painful when you lose.

I lost a ship this week, an Arazu class Force-Recon ship. I had uncloaked to attack in a belt, and was clearing up the remnents of the NPCs. I was attacked by a PC pirate in an interceptor. Must have been using an exploit. He scrambled me and hit me with blasters from 60km, and kept lock under 3 heavy dampeners (which is impossible for that ship at a fraction of that range). When my ship died, he was fast enough to lock my pod… at which point, he was joined by 2 friends who finished me off.

Eve is no fun for me right now.