Almost five years ago, on the thirteenth day of August 2003, an avatar was born. The early days of Second Life were fast, different. Relationships were seen as long term if they lasted two weeks. Builds often lasted an even shorter time.

By the end of the year, with my partner of the time, I had founded Mochastyle, and began to make my name in this world.

Mochastyle is long dead. I have a new partner, who has been my support now since those early days. Life is slower, and I don’t make the L$ that I did then. People with a lot more talent than I have taken over, and that is as it should be.

But five years is nothing to forget, nothing to ignore, and so I say this to you all…

You may have loved me, you may have hated me, you may have known me only from this blog or you may not have heard of me at all. Some of you are my friends, some enemies, and some of you are by now scratching your heads wondering what I am on about. Some of you may even be curious.

There will be a party. There will be fun. Come one, come all, join me in just over a month’s time. There might even be cake.

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