A request

OK, not a particularly serious request, but a fun one.

Last week, I acquired my very first (and at my age, that’s something in itself) my first ever cocktail shaker. Now, I know how to use it, but… well, shall we say, I’m looking for interesting recipes to try.

Before you suggest looking on the web, I’ll say no. I know there’s lots out there, but that’s not the point. I want to know what you, my readers enjoy drinking… and it doesn’t have to be alcoholic either, the thing makes a nice milkshake too.

I’ll start off with a simple one I tried today…

  • Ice
  • Vodka (2 measures)
  • White Wine (175ml) – Chardonnay
  • 1 tsp white sugar

Was tasty enough… but pretty boring really… Do you have something better for me to try?

Empyrian Age, Faction Wars and Ship Design

This week, Eve was updated again… another big expansion. Faction Warfare between the big four is now a reality. Not that it affects me much directly since the corp has elected to remain neutral, at least for now (we are multi-racial), except in that there are a couple of interface changes and Concord have ramped up their activity.

What I really dislike is the model change of the Helios from Maulus class to Imicus class. The Imicus is agood ship for it’s size, but it’s about the ugliest ship in space… well, at least the Helios is a cloaker, so people don’t have to see.

Anyway, just a few thoughts. I haven’t played much since the patch, and I am at work now..

Virtual Emotion

After last night, I need to put some thoughts down about this, perhaps mainly to get them sorted out in my own mind. Hopefully it will help in the future. This is not about anyone in particular, I guess, apart from me, so please don’t think it’s about you – it’s probably not, though if you recognise the feelings, it’s good. Maybe you can help me too.

Last evening, I was flying in Eve. It was a medium tough mission, where, though I was able to resist the enemies’ damage easily, I couldn’t do much to them either, due to their sensor dampeners. I had managed to work out a system for doing it though, and slow work or not, I was making progress. Of course it’s never fun having nearly a dozen battleships shooting lumps out of one’s ship, but I was getting there.

It was about then that I noticed that someone else had arrived, flashing bright read on my scanners, indicating an enemy of some kind. Only a small ship, and when I looked, noticed it was just there, taking the results of my work. I left… leaving it to the tender ministrations of those I was fighting, and came back a few minutes later to find it gone… but no sooner had I hot back into it, the thief was back again. I warped, completed the mission with no more kills, and went home.

The thing is, it upset me. I was feeling all twisted up inside for the rest of the night, and wasn’t at my best even in the morning. Why do I let myself get like this? I mean, it’s not as if I lost anything substantial, there was no fight, but still it got to me and ruined my day. I just don’t understand why it hurts so much.