Thank Crunchie…

… it’s Friday!

And being on an early shift means that (Tesco permitting), I’ll be home well before 5pm… and that is a bonus!

So much to do, both in Second Life and in Eve, not to mention RealLife™. I still haven’t finished fitting out the shop in Zazi for a start. Hopefully this weekend will let me get on with some of that, at least. I want to do some socialising and shopping too… something I’ve been neglecting recently.

Eve is doing well. I’m a bit low on cash, but that should be just a temporary setback, which a few Lvl4 missions and/or some mining will fix. I might need it when the new faction war upgrade is released soon.

In other news, Darcie is back from her trip, and when I spoke to her yesterday was happy and well. I know that all who know her will be proud of her.

Anyway, back to work…