Yet another week begins.

So, another week is here, and I’m not sure what to think of it yet. Good or bad. I must admit, it wasn’t a great start. Pissed off a group of people in SL that I really shouldn’t, and I don’t think Freya was too happy with me either, though I think we’re over that. Then I sat and chatted with Nephi for a while which did cheer me some.

Eve was probably my most productive weekend in ages, and a trend that looks set to continue for a while. So that’s good.

I did drink too much though last night, which made this morning fun… still… feeling better today… not quite so weepy as I have been. Maybe it’s a good thing!

Two friends are on a plane as I write, going out to the USA to eventually live… Trinity and Miyabina, I wish you clear skies and a good journey.