Yet another week begins.

So, another week is here, and I’m not sure what to think of it yet. Good or bad. I must admit, it wasn’t a great start. Pissed off a group of people in SL that I really shouldn’t, and I don’t think Freya was too happy with me either, though I think we’re over that. Then I sat and chatted with Nephi for a while which did cheer me some.

Eve was probably my most productive weekend in ages, and a trend that looks set to continue for a while. So that’s good.

I did drink too much though last night, which made this morning fun… still… feeling better today… not quite so weepy as I have been. Maybe it’s a good thing!

Two friends are on a plane as I write, going out to the USA to eventually live… Trinity and Miyabina, I wish you clear skies and a good journey.

Today is a better day

Well, yesterday ended better too. The post contained a letter for me last night with some good news that I’ve been awaiting for some time, which made me a happy bunny.

So me is bouncy today, the only downside of which is a hangover, which will pass. So, if you see me, hug me.

I need a new…

… life? job? other? all of the above?

I tried blogging this from work yesterday lunchtime, but my mobile connection was decidedly unstable and though it left my phone, it never hit the site. Still, a test this morning worked, so it is something I may start to do, assuming I have anything to say.

I hate my job. I sit on a telephone from the minute I start til the minute I get home, talking to morons who wouldn’t know a pc from a monitor … (they don’t, believe me), or a keyboard from a mouse. Remember those old stories about the fabled “any key“, or the “cup holder“, well they’re not fables where I work. We really do have people who are too stupid to use a computer.

Anyway, I digress, I’m looking for a new job. The stress involved in this one is too much. Daily I come home with a headache, excess stomach acid, and what might be worse considering I’m riding a motorcycle through rush hour, half falling asleep, and with zero concentration. I wonder some days how I even made it in one piece.

Still, I am looking.

In SL it is almost as bad. Nothing particularly wrong in SL, but a combination of stress, lack of sleep, and the fact that my working hours are more or less incompatible with Freya’s means that I’m not having a lot of fun at the moment. I suppose this might change. Work shifts too, and later shifts seem to work better.

The shop rebuild/refit is coming along nicely, though slowly, and is temporarily labelled as “Zazi Retail Park”. We’re late of course, as we were supposed to re-open last weekend. Still, it’s not that important as long as we get there soon.

I need to get ready for another day of hell, so I’ll close now.

A New Look

It’s time this blog had a new look. The last theme has seen me through since the beginning, perhaps this will suit as well.

Hopefully, visitors to our land in Zazi will see some changes too over the next week or so. The Primtionary stage is gone (temporarily), and the shop area is expanding. Expect newness there.