An A-Z of Second Life

Inspired by Willow’s letter blogs, I thought I’d write my A-Z of SL. It’s just mine, you may have your own… and if so, feel free to post it… but here goes…

  • A is for Ahern, a most welcoming sim.
  • B is for Blingtard, with just how many rings?
  • C is for Cat Omega, a premier scripter,
  • D is for Desmond, the Caledon creator.
  • E is for Elika, who makes the best hair, and
  • F is for Freya – it’s for her I’m still there!
  • G is for Griefers, the butt of all jokes, and
  • H is for Hyasynth, Tiramisu of course.
  • I is for Instant Message, our own telepathy, and
  • J is for Jira, it’s to where we all flee.
  • K is for Kitten, since nekos do flourish, and
  • L is for Linden, which would get one all worried.
  • M is for Misty, a shopper renowned, and
  • N is for Nephilaine, design goddess crowned.
  • O is for Oldbie, and FICer by far,
  • P is for Peregrine, a self proclaimed star.
  • Q is for Quality, a trait sadly lacking,
  • R is for Real, who sent Philip packing!
  • S is for Starax, who made art his mission,
  • T is for Transgendered, is this an admission?
  • U is for Undead, of which SL has many,
  • V is for Vampire, which seem ten a penny.
  • W is for Wishful, which we all are at times, and
  • X is for Xenophobic… anti-furry crimes.
  • Y is for yesteryear, to which I look back, and
  • Z is for Zander, Willow, she’s back!

OK, it’s a bit cheesy, but it’s mine… see if you can do better?

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