Shooting ones’ self in the foot

Remember “Your world, your imagination™”? Well, now the company-that-must-not-be-named has decreed that their laggy little bug-riden world must not be mentioned by us lowly bloggers. Or maybe not. The problem seems to be that nobody is quite sure where they stand on this right now.

Many people are talking about this all over the blogsphere, from famous bloggers like Vint Falken and Codebastard Redgrave to … well, you won’t have to search very hard to find them.

Basically, there are all sorts of rules and regulations now about what you can and cannot say. About logos and when and where you can (or can’t) use them and so on and so forth. I may even have to change the name of my blog. Maybe they just don’t need all the free advertising any more. Who knows.

Funny thing. What’s not easy to find is their own information on this “inSL” scheme of theirs. For the record, it’s here.


Shamrock has Three Leaves!

Can someone please explain the fake Irishness that infests Second Life around Saint Patrick’s Day? It’s the same every year, and I’m starting to get sick of it, being that I am of Irish decent myself. I can already hear you asking yourselves what I am on about, so let me explain…

I don’t mind people wanting to be Irish, or being part Irish, or even just joining in the fun… but people, get it right, please.

The most common one I see daily this time of year is replacing a shamrock with a four-leaf clover. People, they are NOT the same thing! Ok, the shamrock is a member of the clover family, but it is not meant to be particularly lucky, it’s actually symbolically religious,and a completely different tradition to the lucky clover. It’s an easy mistake to make though, I guess (even Guinness make it)… if you’re a complete imbecile!

And it’s not all about drinks and parties. Have them sure, but remember your roots, please. And try to learn the story, the truth and the myth. Patrick was an early Christian priest, later a bishop. He wasn’t even Irish, but from Britain… but I’ll let you read about the rest.

Just enjoy the day, but let’s keep it real, eh?

An A-Z of Second Life

Inspired by Willow’s letter blogs, I thought I’d write my A-Z of SL. It’s just mine, you may have your own… and if so, feel free to post it… but here goes…

  • A is for Ahern, a most welcoming sim.
  • B is for Blingtard, with just how many rings?
  • C is for Cat Omega, a premier scripter,
  • D is for Desmond, the Caledon creator.
  • E is for Elika, who makes the best hair, and
  • F is for Freya – it’s for her I’m still there!
  • G is for Griefers, the butt of all jokes, and
  • H is for Hyasynth, Tiramisu of course.
  • I is for Instant Message, our own telepathy, and
  • J is for Jira, it’s to where we all flee.
  • K is for Kitten, since nekos do flourish, and
  • L is for Linden, which would get one all worried.
  • M is for Misty, a shopper renowned, and
  • N is for Nephilaine, design goddess crowned.
  • O is for Oldbie, and FICer by far,
  • P is for Peregrine, a self proclaimed star.
  • Q is for Quality, a trait sadly lacking,
  • R is for Real, who sent Philip packing!
  • S is for Starax, who made art his mission,
  • T is for Transgendered, is this an admission?
  • U is for Undead, of which SL has many,
  • V is for Vampire, which seem ten a penny.
  • W is for Wishful, which we all are at times, and
  • X is for Xenophobic… anti-furry crimes.
  • Y is for yesteryear, to which I look back, and
  • Z is for Zander, Willow, she’s back!

OK, it’s a bit cheesy, but it’s mine… see if you can do better?