One thought on “Identity theft enters Grid-wide beta « Official Linden Blog”

  1. Who cares? It is not going to ruin anybody’s life. It is not going to work.

    I won’t give my data. I don’t want to and I believe it is illegal for me. I will continue to do all the things I did before and to add new ones as time passes. I am going to do them on my own land or land of my friends. Anybody who come close enough to see will be AR’ed for breaking my privacy, or shot, or both.

    Things I need to buy I’ll buy on web. Both OnRez and SLExchange will profit from this.

    Noobs will have no free sex clubs for their fun, but who cares. Community will get back to “make your character, learn to behave, flirt and seduce before you jump into somebody’s bed” state wihch is not bad at all.

    LL will probably be sued for selling data once that Aristotle mess up. Who cares about that to? It’s their problem.

    After a year or two, we’ll all move to OpenSims and live happily ever after slowly forgetng there was some Linden Lab while ago.

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