I wasn’t there!

And so it’s gone, and this time for good. A wake on the roof of Darkmere keep signified the end in much the same way as the official SL forums oh so long ago.

But I wasn’t there.

I have so many memories of the Second Citizen forums, so many good times, and a few bad. New friends, old enemies, and for the most part, fun. Silly forums, serious ones, drama laden ones too… I was proud to be a part of it.

And yet, I wasn’t there.

When the official forums died so long ago, I went to SLU, but it was… well, it wasn’t fun… I needed more. I don’t remember now if Mulch introduced me to Lucifer, or if Lucifer introduced me to Mulch, but it was in Darkmere… I think. It was Lucifer though who introduced me to Second Citizen, or at least, so he claims. I was a long time ago, and it may be that he brought me back after my 6 or 8 month hiatus… or perhaps both… In any case, it’s what he claims…

Still, at the end, I wasn’t there.

Or was I?

It’s perhaps important to realise when the end was. I think that it wasn’t this week when FIC pulled the plug. I think it was a month or so ago when the whole “Big Sig” fights pulled it down last time. I lurked after for a while, and posted once or twice, but it was becoming obvious to me that I didn’t fit anymore, and without a word, I just stopped. It was dead to me then, and it was time for me to move on. So much bitterness, so much bile. The old SC was rough and raw, but it wasn’t malicious. The malice was something new, something I didn’t want.

I kind of regret that I missed the wake. It was spontaneous, and way too late for me, as if that’s any excuse… but I had work in the morning and rl (for now at least) has to come first. I wish FIC the best for the future, of course.

For now, I haunt the Duchy of Darkmere forums.

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A week ago, or thereabouts, I discovered this very funny webcomic. It finished today, unfortunately, but it was a limited story, and had to end somewhere. The author however, has a new project. I have no idea how good, bad or otherwise it will be, but you can find it here to see for yourself.