• August 13th 2003: Sio Taylor is born in SL.
  • October 2003: Sio becomes a Mentor.
  • November 2003: Sio becomes an Instructor.
  • December 2003/January 2004: Mochastyle opens.
  • January 29th 2004: SL Marriage of Julia Curie and Sio Taylor.
  • February 2004: Sio meets Freya Becquerel the first time – they become friends.
  • November 2004: After a series of fights, blowups etc, Julia leaves.
  • January 9th 2005: Freya Becquerel proposes SL partnership – which is accepted.
  • April 2005: Mochastyle closes it’s doors for the last time.
  • January 2006: Nenya Nephilim and Kaili Kiesler join the family.
  • August 2006: Starax leaves SL. Eloise joins the family. Sio is no longer a Mentor.
  • January 2007: The family breaks up. It’s just Freya and Sio again.
  • June 2007: Primtionary returns to Zazi.

These are just a few of the high and low times of my four years in Second life. Who knows what the next four might hold.