Ambush in the Dark!

I had just got in. It had been one of those days, and I’m sure you’ve had them too, and know what I mean. Nothing had gone right, nothing!

Well, I went straight to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle from the fridge, a glass and a corkscrew. It’s funny now I think on it, we’re here millions of light years from old earth, and the best wines are still sold in glass bottles and sealed with a cork as they were on pre-spaceflight earth, though granted, the corks are high grade plastic now, and there are so many nanites in the bottles that it’s next to impossible to get a bad wine now.

Anyway, I digress… I headed for the sofa to sit and drink. I was about to instruct the apartment’s computer on some music when the shrill beep of the comm distracted me. I acknowledged it, of course, and sighing, greeted my caller, Zalloronde. He’s a high mucky-muck in Gallente internal security, and one does not keep this man waiting, so, unhappily, I put aside my bottle, thankfully still unopened, and headed at his “request”, to his office.

Zalloronde’s office is across town, so it’s not the quickest of journeys, but still, it passes the Pleasure Hub, so unless he disappears me again, at least I can get a good drink on the way back… perhaps the evening won’t be a total loss after all. Heh! Who am I kidding? There’s only one reason he calls me, and it’s called Vengeance, my ship, and she has a reputation in these parts. If I’m lucky, I don’t have to leave til morning… though, I prefer to keep my luck for when I’m out there.

Ah, now I have you wondering, don’t I. Well sure, I have a ship, a fleet really, and can call on a lot of resources if I need. Vengeance, more accurately “Spirit of Vengeance” is my main fighting ship, and has stood by me a long time, ever since her sister failed me one day. Oh, it was not her name back then, they were twins, but after her sister’s death, Vengeance was reborn. I have ships for most needs if I think on it, and as I said, can call on more, but those I pilot, or at least captain myself are those which give me most pleasure. I love them as I would favoured pets, and their crews, as children.

And so I arrive, and am not wrong. I have a mission to fly, a rescue. It would seem that Zalloronde’s boss, CEO even had been the subject of a kidnap attempt. His escort got him away but lost a cruiser – whose name I am not apparently cleared to know … though I am expected to help in a rescue.

Well, ok, it’s not so bad. If they had had their wits about them, they’d have hired me or one of my peers to transport the old man. We have ways of getting through most things. They just leave us til it all goes down the pan. Oh, the joys of being a contractor.

So I head, not home, but to Vengeance’s hanger. The Fed Navy station at Aunia I is huge and I don’t want to find myself in a rush-hour undocking queue. I rouse the crew, and within a few minutes, pre-launch checks are under way. We launched within the hour.

What we found was an old, supposedly defunct acceleration gate. Sheesh, these aren’t used in normal shipping lanes any more, not for decades. Deadspace it was then, so named for the fact that warp engines wont work, and acceleration is severely limited. I hate it! Irrational of course, it’s not like any battle-cruiser class ship is fast enough for the deadspace problems to matter… unless things get so bad we need to warp out. So anyway, we checked the systems, and triggered the gate.

They must have known we were coming. Seven cruisers sat about 70km from my warp in point, and all targetted me straight off the button. So… standard technique, set an orbit range, pick the closest target and try to orbit a ship nearly twice my speed. And then… fuck! Sentry turrets…

They were weaker than I thought. They never even pierced my shields. I pity them.

We rescued the prisoners, and took some captives. Zalloronde was pleased! He asked me later to transport the captives to a remote interrogation centre. I was happy to oblige. I have a shuttle outfitted specially for it. I set the autopilot, retrieved my wine and well, the rest is… if not history, then at least pleasantly blurred.

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