So after the storm, returns calm…

And it’s as true in reality as in SL.

A week or so ago, I had a job interview, and less than a day later was offered the position. It’s a temp contract, only 3-6 months, but with a possibility of a perm contract thereafter. It’s government, so that’s not really a forlorn hope either – they tend to employ this way.

So now I’m working in a secured building that is potentially a prime terrorist target. Still, the pay is pretty good, the surroundings are very pretty, and the restaurant is subsidised. Parking however is a bitch!

It’s the reason I’ve been on line less, in SL, SC and Eve. But without it, I’d not have been much longer on line at all. It’s hard sustaining a presence on the net without any income.

You really have to pity some people.

A couple of days ago, I started a thread in Second Citizen asking for an end to the drama of the last week. I know it was a vein hope, and I knew some people would see it as yet more drama, but it was done in tiredness, in fun and didn’t attack anyone. Anyway, to quote my OP:

SLCC drama makes Sio cry!

I don’t like it. is getting really nasty lately. I know it’s never been fluffy, but we’ve been, at the end, friends… all of us (except Prok, maybe… but even she had a couple of friends here)…

has been a place where we can discuss anything, no limits. You (or I) may be hated, but here, we can present our PoV.

So wtf is going on?


Look… I have an opinion, but guess what… I am not on the SLCC committee, I am not a member of the Phreak admin, and I am not a potential performer… (though I have friends who are)… It is none of my beeswax… and none of yours either, unless you fall into one of the above categories!

  • People fucked up, badly!
  • People apologised.
  • People are trying to fix it.
  • Forum wars are NOT helping!

Let them try to fix it… You can let your bile out later…

Stop fagging up with Phreak/SLCC crap. Not everyone is involved.

Well, it went kind of as expected really, but most people agreed that the forum wasn’t the right place… and then, yesterday, the nameless beast from the Herald had to spew it’s two cents:


* People fucked up, badly!
* People apologised.
* People are trying to fix it.
* Forum wars are NOT helping!

Um, right, Sioban, just keep on letting power-grabbing assholes like Flipper and Lucifer and Crow run everything behind the scenes, without any accountability, and keep it all in secret, and if somebody trips over their big grab and says, wait a minute, shush it up, and try to “keep it in the family” so God forbid, they’d never have to answer for their actions.

Yes, that’s the ticket!

Well, let’s see… OK, it quoted me accurately, but then went on to misspell my name. Now for someone who calls itself a writer, that’s inexcusable, unless of course it was a calculated insult. Not very well calculated then, it just made me giggle when I finally saw it. And “power-grabbing assholes” – hrm, interesting choice… Flipper, the person who started SLCC, and yeah, probably a bit power-hungry, maybe sometimes an asshole, but usually a good natured one. Anyway, without him, there would be no SLCC. Lucifer – now this is odd, not only does he have nothing to do with SLCC, nor even Phreak directly, except that he uses their stream for Radio Free Darkmere, he’s not even going to the convention, let alone grabbing power. And Crow… well, a Linden alt, what can you say?

I wasn’t particularly aware of Lucifer running anything behind the scenes. But then, he’s my friend, so I wouldn’t know, while the bile-spewing pseudo-journalist from the Herald would – obviously. It’s just too crazy for words.

It’s been insane in the past, it’s got delusions of relevance, enough to think it matters. This must be what the government means by “Care in the Community“. It’s sad, this person should be in a hospital, where it can be cared for properly.

For the record. I didn’t see it’s bile until someone else in the thread showed poor taste and quoted it. Otherwise I’d have remained in the dark about it – which is usually where I prefer to be when it comes to that one’s vitriol. Still, it was good for a giggle.